The Future of Real Estate Belongs to the Bot 

In 2019, Chatbots have well and truly evolved to now reach almost every part of our lives from Facebook, Skype and mobile phones. These days, almost no one is sitting down at a desk to research potential real estate agents or go through property listings — they are on their smartphones, looking at prices and reviews on Facebook and googling agent reviews.

Every day, there are over 1.47 billion people logging onto Facebook and over 2 billion Messenger posts are sent to businesses every month

People want information that is available and delivered to them in an easy and instant way. Wouldn´t you rather have information instantly sent to you than having to spend hours looking for it online? Make it easy to connect — in the past year, we have seen massive success with real estate agents who use chatbots. Using a chatbot is a powerful way to make a quick connection with a user and form an instant relationship, because it is immediate and feels easier and more conversational. The AI global market is massive so it´s no wonder different industries are desperate to deploy solutions incorporating these new, innovative services. Just have a look at the statistics;


Revenues from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software market worldwide 2018 – 2025 (in billion U.S. dollars)

We all know that in business, lead generation is the most important yet daunting task and this becomes even more stressful in an industry where you cannot just pack a product in your bag and go door-to-door demonstrating to people. It takes a long time to understand your clients individual needs, what they´re looking for and taking care of and nurturing the potential leads you have. Virtual Assistants provide a lot of advantages for obtaining the leads you want, through offering a 24/7 service and real-time enquiry. But what does a bot in my company look like?

Examples of Bots in Your Real Estate Company 

In todays blog post we are going to discuss the need for Bots in the ever changing industry of real estate.

So, ask yourself these questions:

What are the two different aspects of real estate? Selling and buying houses.

Whats the one option in the modern world people have to do? Turn to the internet.

What kind of challenges do companies find when working with the internet? The fear some users have with registraton. It´s easy enough for users to skip filling out the registration form, but what can companies do to face this barrier? Don´t miss reaching a potential client and integrate a bot.

Embracing the opportunities of modern clients can help real estate businesses reach a wider range of users.


Here´s an example of a potential conversation between your user and bot:

Bot: What do you want to do, sell or buy.

Client: I want to sell.

Bot: Are you selling a house or apartment.

Client: It´s an apartment.

Bot: How many rooms does it have.

Client: 2. 

Bot: In which city is your apartment. 

Client: London. 

Bot: In which area of London is your apartment. 

The bot can then go into more detail, asking the amount of floors or bathrooms it has, how much it costs to move to that city, how much a down payment costs on a specific property or how close a nearest service like school or hospital is to there etc, and any other valuable data the user seeks. The information is in your bots hands.


The Advantages of Bots for your Real Estate Company

Track users interests & preferences. Users can track for example the price they want to spend, the amount of rooms they want, the area they want to live as well as the time they are available to visit the property. From this, the bot will be able to analyse the information entered and offer a list of buildings or flats to view. Bots can keep a backlog of your clients preferences and information so you will never miss a thing.

Prevent bad rep. Front-line reps often get bad press for being perceived as too pushy or salesy – a chatbot is often the best disguise. Get rid of the direct element but keep the human part and make people feel more comfortable, give them time to respond and share their personal information and preferences. Just think about the time and money you could save by using a bot to ask your questions directly.

Collect lead info. Are your potential clients married? Single? How much do they plan on spending? Do they want to invest? Do they have children? These are all questions you want to ask, but often forget to or don´t want to put pressure on clients face to face. Your bot will keep records of all your clients answers which allows you to build up a backlog of lead information for your clients future purchases, sellings or prospects.

Start a conversation. A big part of real-estate is how you communicate with your potential clients. Selling or buying a property is a life-changing investment and they need to feel like you´re on their side. This means investing in the relationship and their lives. Bots help start an important conversation and get the relationship going.

Stay relevant. How many millennials are in par with technology these days? Millennials may not be as likely to buy or sell houses as their parents were, but when they do they are looking for a personalised services they are promised with every other customer service experience they now have. The most important thing to remember with technology these days is to stay relevant within the younger generation, because they are the ones investing their time and money into it and the future of your company may depend on it.

40% of millennials say that they chat with chatbots on a daily basis (, 2018).

Fast forward the sales funnel. Once the potential client is moved further down the sales funnel the bot can start offering and scheduling home tours and therefore facilitate the introduction of the client and the real estate agent relationship, easier than if done in a more physical way.

The top industries profiting from VA´s are real estate, travel, education, healthcare, and finance (Chatbots Life, 2019).


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