The number of sports enthusiasts have doubled in the last year, so imagine missing your favourite team playing, or missing the best goals of the season..all because you weren´t in the stand at the right time. Well, Sports Apps have come to the rescue!

Thanks to mobile technology you don´t have to worry about this anymore, and in todays blog post we are going to delve into why going mobile is essential in the sports industry these days.


Forbes predicted that the global market in the sports industry is expected to reach $73.5 billion by the next couple of years in 2019.


Mobile Technology is Number One 

Mobile is now the number one screen and can no longer be seen as an add-on or extra to other devices. It provides businesses with a level of user personalization and added accessibility so it´s not surprising that if users can´t be at the big game, they´ll turn off the TV and tune in with their mobile devices if they´re promised instant notifications and customization.

Mobile Statistics 2018-2020

There are 2.7 billion smartphone users around the world

62% of smartphone users have made a purchase on the device

There were 194 billion app downloads in 2018 worldwide

Smartphone users worldwide is epected to reach 2.87 billion in 2020

The top 10 vendors contribute almost 77% of the global smartphone market



 Don´t believe us? See it for yourself;





Number of Smart Phone users worldwide from 2014 to 2020

(in billions, Statista)



Why Do You Need Sports Apps in your Business? 

Promotes team spirit. Not at the big game? Don´t worry, we have you covered.

Don´t wait for your fans to be in the stands before they can cheer on or support their favourite teams or players. Offer a more accesible and engaging way of reaching the stadium and create opportunities where it´s not always possible. People are either too busy or can´t get to their favourite matches, live on the other side of the world? Don´t worry, offer an immersive and personal experience so they don´t feel like they´re missing out. Enjoy the same experience from the comfort of your own home and mobile device and skip the barriers of distance and the rush of the crowds.

Provides customized content. Keep up to date with scores, goals and wins.

Sports fans love to get information from whats happening on the ground, but there is only so much that users can find on the web. Mobile apps allow you to fetch the most important content depending on your users in a simple and more effective way. Push notifications will advise you of the most important news from your favoruite teams, matches and players. Went to the bathroom in an important time of the game? Don´t worry, our mobile app will send you the notifications you need to keep up.


65% of Generation Z and younger fans are already consuming sports content on mobile. 


Optimizes fan interaction. The best thing about sports is often the strong community it brings together.

Who doesn´t love being in a crowd of people who support the same team. A mobile-app has the ability to bring fan-related content to one place, allowing them to interact among each other and engage and comment on posts, news, videos and stats. It also allows them to share club and team-based data through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Markets team products . The majority of companies develop mobile apps so they can not only engage with customers but also make a profit. Apps now act as a marketing campaign on their own, as they can enhance your promotion capabilities and even help sell merchandise and items.


In 2017, 83% of B2B marketers said mobile apps were important to content marketing. 



What Are The Types of Sports Based Apps?

There are two types of sports apps;


Dedicated Apps

Dedicated Apps are those which are specifically built for any team or any club. They are developed to promote these teams and create more fans. For example, the IPL teams of Mumbai Indians or Kolkata Knight Riders offer personalized information on various subjects.

Aggregator apps

Aggregator apps are those which offer comprehensive information about various teams, upcoming games and ticket information and so on. You can receive all relevant info in one place. For example, the ESPN app or the English Premier League (EPL) would fall within this category.


More than 1.2 billion people in the world access the Internet from their smartphones. This number has increased over the past 6 years by 42%. 


What Can Brintia Offer?

In Brintia, we provide services that create cutting-edge and exciting ways for users to be closer to their favourite sports, players and teams that promise to leave fans at the edge of their seat.

Our digital services create new marketing opportunities for your company, in which you can both optimize revenue and productivity as well as increasing brand recogntion. Check out our sports services here.