Increasingly more companies have decided to innovate their internal processes to further streamline work and make organizational improvements thanks to SharePoint Online.

This Microsoft tool helps improve the productivity of your company through different applications that are very easy to configure, manage, use and even customize.

Here are the four most important Sharepoint apps your company needs to know:

Activity part. Employees can add their working hours and how much time they have been spending on daily tasks. By means of a simple interface, they must select the project they are working on, the area to which they belong and the type of work they have been doing (development, analysis, documentation …). Then, they will mark the hours they have dedicated to each task to carry out a realistic and simple follow-up of their productivity hours.

Application for vacations and absences. You can also request days off through this tool. Once the employee has completed the request form, an automatic email will be sent to the person responsible for their area of work, and they must decline or accept within a period of 15 days. In this way, all employee’s information will be available on the platform in a clear and easy to understand way.

Purchase request flow. When employees require to make a purchase, Sharepoint Online allows a platform for them to manage that specific purchase so that requests are registered in the same portal and expenses can be tracked accordingly, in detail. This helps to make decisions.

Travel request flow. This functionality makes the perfect tool to help manage all the company’s internal processes in the cloud. Thanks to this, business trips are controlled online and will be closely connected with the ticket purchase request.

All functions are fully scalable for small and medium-sized companies, as they are modular and adapt to the needs of each user.

Written by: Brintias team