In the last few years, a huge number of businesses have decided to migrate their data and infrastructures to the cloud. A while ago, companies were worried about what this would mean for their data and how safe it would be. It raised doubts about security risks and confidentiality. The cloud has done a full U-turn and now offers itself as the safest option in the market for protecting your company’s information. Azure, Microsofts cloud offering, is designed to guarantee its users complete confidentiality and total availability of all their data.

It offers the credibility provided by Microsoft and total security in terms of data protection, where you can host millions of customers simultaneously.

Despite the mass amounts of customers you can store, this security is completely personalised, so you can satisfy the specific needs of each business and their IT controls, as well as satisfy external laws and regulations, and avoid overlooking the international laws of each sector and country, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Azure is developed with custom hardware and security controls built into its components, which help to easily identify security threats and breaches, and respond to them quickly. Thanks to its multilayer security, you can add different security levels according to the need that it corresponds to, from physical data to operations, even infrastructures.

Regarding business applications, it also allows you to add authentication options, both in the cloud and on-premise, with which you can manage the access rights of internal data as needed.

Have you experienced a sudden increase in demand? Azure offers you flexibility and scalability on tap, allowing your company to increase its capabilities when necessary, to ensure you never miss a business opportunity. Fancy launching a new, cutting-edge product before your competition gets there first? Azures got you.

The Microsoft cloud supports your employees remote access needs by allowing them flexibility. Work on the go, after hours, log in at home or while travelling…the options are endless. Create a system your employees are truly happy to work under, because the happier an employee is, the more productive they’ll be. You have complete control over access rights and can choose what is offered remotely.

Massive companies are quickly jumping on the Azure bandwagon. Walmart, for example, is now closely working with the service to help accelerate digital transformation in the retail sector. This is because Azures development goes beyond core capabilities to new, innovative and modern infrastructures like Azure functions, serverless Kubernetes and IoT edge computing.

Last month, at the Ignite conference in Florida, Microsoft announced an exciting plethora of IoT focused updates to Azure cloud. A highlight was probably that of the announcement of Azure digital twins, which was launched last week. It’s a new platform that allows companies to develop digital replicas of spaces and infrastructures. Azure is continuously announcing exciting new updates to its cloud computing platform, and Brintia will always keep you up-to-date with not to miss launches!

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Written by: Brintias Team