One of the main business areas affected by the Covid-19 crisis was the Hospitality Industry. However, after so many days of confinement and strict social distancing rules, the world has started to face new normality. It might take us a long time to see normality as we knew it, but we will slowly face it.

As the hospitality industry slowly starts to welcome guests back again, the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis will continue to reshape the way that hotels perform many of their daily tasks.

Technology will be a driving force on the reactivation of the tourism industry as a whole – now is the time to accelerate innovation and Brintia will be leading the charge with its Virtual Concierge solution.

From the way guests check-in and out of a hotel, how they order food, make reservations, and obtain information on all the facilities and services available to them during their stay.

With social distancing measures in place, many hotel guests will be looking to limit human interaction and obtain information digitally, with the ability to self-service where possible.

Here are 5 must-have things the Virtual Concierge can do!

  1. Self Check-in

Guests can perform a pre-check-in or full check-in via the Virtual Concierge – even if your PMS system does not have this feature. The Virtual Concierge can interface with the hotels back-office systems to perform the main check-in functions such as;

  • Manage the guest information
  • Upload Identification documents
  • Manage registration card information
  • Verify Terms & Conditions
  • Secure Credit Card interface

  1. Provide up to date digital information

The Virtual Concierge can be packed full of hotel information that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the guest – even before they arrive. Guests can find all the information about the hotel’s facilities, services, restaurants, room service, promotions, and much more. It can also answer questions using natural language such as “can I order drinks to the room”. No more leaving printed papers in the room, the guest can receive personalized notifications of changes to schedules or reminders of upcoming events.

  1. Make reservations from your device.

Make reservations quickly and easily using the Virtual Concierge for the restaurants, SPA, activities, etc. The guest will receive confirmation messages and alerts to remind them of their reservations.

  1. Room service using your mobile device

If you prefer to eat in your room, the Virtual Concierge can facilitate the complete ordering process. From viewing the menu, ordering, and tracking the status of the order. Enjoy breakfast in bed ordered via the Virtual Concierge and avoid queues during the morning rush.

  1. Check-out.

When it’s time to check out the Virtual Concierge can guide you through the process. You can access your hotel bill, and even make the payment securely with a credit card. Then request your luggage to be collected, your car to be prepared or a taxi called.


The Virtual Concierge takes care of it all.



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