M-commerce, or mobile commerce, is without a doubt, one of the newest revolutions of electronic commerce. Despite not being as developed as e-commerce, it’s currently experiencing rapid growth and is only expected to continue this way over the next few years.

This could be due to the huge boom in smartphone and tablet consumption. The process of mobile phone adaption that our society has experienced has increased eight times faster than the web adoption we experienced in the nineties. It’s obvious that mobile technology has had a bigger impact than web technology did all those years ago. In fact, it’s estimated that there are already 1.2 million people accessing the internet from their mobile devices, and global mobile traffic already accounts for 15% of all internet traffic.

In addition to this, m-commerce has very specific characteristics that make it highly effective compared to e-commerce. This includes:

Spontaneity: 81% of purchases made through mobiles are made spontaneously. Considering that within a mobile phone device users can search for information as well as other users opinions and reviews of products and services in a short period, the process can be completed in a few minutes and it’s this rapidity that attracts the masses to purchase through mobile devices.

Hobby: the next time you’re travelling home on the bus or subway take a look around you, how many people are without their mobile phones in hand? As soon as we have free time or are in a situation where we have nothing better to do than pass time, we reach for our phones. Users continually check their mobiles when they have time to pass and for this very reason, there is a huge amount of information to receive through social media or web pages that foster this very aspect of spontaneity we covered previously.

Comfort: Most mobile commerce sites have a very responsive website that offers optimal usability, but they also have apps that make shopping even easier and encourage daily visits by offering 24/7 availability wherever and whenever, at just the click of a button. Users create accounts, and this encourages increased visits and purchases as personalized suggestions related to previous orders are shown. Personalization is one advantage to using mobile technology, others include optimised accessibility, increased productivity and better communication.

One thing thats clear is that m-commerces success has just begun! If you want to know more about the keys of m-commerce and how to utilise it to your companies advantage, sign up to our free webinar on Wednesday, the 28th of November, where our UX/UI expert Mercedes Scenna will delve into the characteristics of this ever growing phenomenon. Here are some stats if you don’t believe the hype…