Nowadays, companies have to be in the front line and adapt themselves to their customers’ needs, keeping in mind the following aspects:

  • Mobile First

Consumption habits are changing. 70% of the internet traffic is mobile, generated through smartphones. Companies have to consider the purchasing process of their customers, getting familiar with their preferences and offering what they are looking for, avoiding a waste of time while browsing.

  • Reputation

Working on the reputation of the company is an essential point. The conversation held by the online community about a company brand is growing and the feedback among consumers increases in the network. For this reason, we must monitor the messages that the company launches and the ones shared among users. According to Reptrack’s online reputation analysis, the innovation is one of the main factor.rmation lies in companies approaching technology firms. If you still don’t know us, let’s us introduce ourselves – we are an international IT consulting company specialized in Microsoft technologies. At Brintia we understand the needs of the modern company and the continuous demand to adapt its services to the users’ new digital profile. For this reason, we accompany our clients in every step towards their digital transformation, giving them advise on how to save on resources and get the best quality results.

  • Innovation

Innovation has to come up from all the departments of the company, from management models to the final consumer.

  • Big Data

Data is like the fuel of information; enterprises need profiles and tools that can analyse that data, though. Data can provide a lot of business opportunities.