The first quarter of 2019. That’s when Sydney is rumoured to launch. For those of you who don’t know, thats the code name thats been given to the newest version of HoloLens, and from what we have learned through Thurrott, it will come with a number of important improvements. These include an increased field of vision, which is one of the main issues faced by users of the device. But it doesn’t stop there..

The most notable changes are in terms of comfort, as Reality Technologies say that this newer version will have a smaller and therefore lighter design, making them easier to wear and carry around. In addition to that, you can also expect a longer battery life, that will provide both developers and users with more autonomy.

It will also improve performance, with the installation of the Qualcomm XR1 chip, designed to make AR/VR wearables more affordable. The good news continues as it’s been announced the new device will also provide an ARM-based processor, which will feature high-capacity Q technology to help deliver directional audio, as well as 3D overlays and 4K video at 60 frames per second; which will greatly enhance the Immersive Reality experience.

Artificial intelligence will also be present in the upcoming version of HoloLens with the integration of a neural processing unit, and, according to Neowin, will also contain Kinect technology, through which you can read the heart rate of the devices users, as well as recognise the individual the user is looking at.

Finally, another of the novelties that Thurrott affirms is the price, which will be lowered in order for more companies to be able to afford it. Currently, the developer edition is priced at 3,000 dollars, and the version that includes the full business suite is 5,000 dollars.

A modified version of Windows 10 is also expected to be run, although there isn’t much information out there about this yet.

The exciting launch was originally planned for 2018, but the decision to include AI within the device has made its development more difficult and delayed its release date, keeping HoloLens fans on the edge of their seats. No matter when it arrives, if the new device offers these improvements and more, it’s safe to say the wait will be worth it..

Written by: Brintias team