Today, the business world is locked in a constant race for efficiency and innovation, where most deliveries have an established deadline considered complicated to meet by most businesses. In this sense, being one step ahead of competition is crucial to distinguish yourself among the crowd and stand out. So, anything that can help provide value and help optimize resources for your company is always welcome. You'' already know that companies are continually searching for ways to appear unique among their competition.   Fluid communication, collaboration and integration between developers and IT professionals is one of the key points for any company to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. That's what DevOps is all about. Through bringing developers and operations teams together, DevOps can increase IT agility, optimize costs and profitability and bring a company together.   DevOps is a plan of agile methodologies that helps an organization to produce products in a faster and more effective way, and it reduces costs along the way. It allows companies to bring their ideas to life, quickly and efficiently.  

Source: Microsoft Virtual Academy

  Take a look at the image above, its simple right? DevOps facilitates collaboration between software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). While the first part is responsible for creating, verifying, planning and packaging products once they are ready for deployment, the responsibility of the second half of the team is to configure, monitor and launch said products.   Statista revealed that DevOps adoption, in 2017 and 2018 grew at a substantial rate worldwide. 17% of software developers in 2018 reported they had fully embraced DevOps adoption in their company, compared to 10% in 2017, while only 3% of software developers this year didn't know what DevOps was.   In fact, its safe to say that most companies submerged in the process of digital transformation would maintain that implementing DevOps is a fundamental part of their success. Take a look at these statistics: - Employee productivity increases by 44%. - Project development carried out with DevOps methodologies increases customer satisfaction by up to 40%. - Development time of projects and their subsequent releases decreases in almost two weeks: from 8.77 to 6.87. - Operations are up to 41% more efficient.   So...what now you might ask? The most common practice is to find a technological partner that has previous experience in this field, who has been applying the methodology to different companies and even to their own. These type of synergies generate benefits for both parties. Strengthen a business relationship and share knowledge to help improve both your services. It's a win-win.   In Brintia, we know the importance of DevOps and continue to apply its methodologies throughout our company, we have already helped a large number of businesses establish the practice in theirs. Do you want to be the next? Get in touch!