Increasingly more companies are understanding the importance of providing in-company training and it’s no longer a luxury that only few companies offer. However, the complexity of its integration lies in finding the optimal time to devote to it. Have you cracked it? Because here at Brintia we acknowledge its importance and continually seek simple yet exciting solutions to offer our team quality professional development.

In a study made in the US by the National Center on Educational Quality of the Workforce, increase in workforce training and education leads to a very effective 10% increase in productivity which demonstrates just one of the benefits of implementing it.

A study made in the US by the National Center on Educational Quality of the workforce, reported that an increase in workforce training and education leads to a 10% increase in productivity via@WeAreBrintia…

In Brintia we are always looking for ways to spoil our team from time to time. We understand the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and offer flexible timetables and birthday day off! However, one of our main specialties is to offer training days. These are organised every few months to provide a continuous learning environment where our colleagues can improve their skills and evolve in the company. Growth is always important!

We are very lucky to have a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team who are experts in everything they do and lovers of the technology we work with. But despite their vast experience and knowledge, are still always willing to further develop their skills and participate in the innovative training days we offer them. Training is provided by the very team themselves, so we 100% benefit from all the knowledge they have acquired over the years. Our juniors definitely benefit the most from this, gaining first-hand experience in technologies that have freshly arrived on the market. Organizing these training events also allows us to achieve one of our main objectives; to work closely and continuously with the newest and most innovative technologies in the market!

Our training is always provided by our multidisciplinary and expert team via @WeAreBrintia #HR #talentmanagement #technology

What are the benefits of providing in-company training and development for your team?

  1. Keep pace with continuous change. The fast paced technology environment we work in is defined by changing trends and companies in tech sectors success will rely on continuous development.  New technologies emerge almost by the day and training provides your team with the necessary skills to keep up with the market.
  2. Maximize your teams potential. Unlock your employees full potential and productivity and ensure they don’t get stuck in place by continually integrating new market trends and knowledge.
  3. Utilize your experts. Here in Brintia we make the effort to utilize our tech experts from each area to give regular sessions and enhance the base knowledge of our juniors, which helps increase their personal and professional development in the company.
  4. Increase job satisfaction. Professional development improves job satisfaction, reduces job turnover and improves company integration and teamwork.

Training days should form an important part of your company, however, it’s also important to organize other types of activities for your team. In Brintia we like to thank the people who develop, program, code and work hard to make a footprint in the world of IT in the name of Brintia. We recently organised a geeky t-shirt day with a twist. The person with the most original T-shirt, voted by the team themselves, went home a winner with a Funkopop related to the theme of their shirt. What kind of activities has your company organized? We would love to hear from you!

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Written by: Brintias Human Resources Team