Microsoft brings mixed reality to your business with the HoloLens headset; providing an innovative source of apps and solutions to enable communication, promote knowledge and advocate collaboration between teams. This wearable device takes the real world and inserts it into a digital reality, offering a future-like experience that’s not only for tech enthusiasts and their entertainment, but can also be valuable for the business environment too. What could the impact be of HoloLens on your business?

Boeing airlines have experienced a 90% improvement in first-time quality since using HoloLens

Provide an innovative like workplace with the vast opportunities HoloLens offers:  

  • With the increase in employees opting for remote working and the rapid internationalization of companies, HoloLens provides the perfect solution to bring teams together and communicate in real time. Setting up meetings with the HoloLens allows the whole team to collaborate on the same project, view the same content, make suggestions and modifications and feel like they’re all in the same office.
  • Promote the interaction with 3D objects and real-world data visualization. You can anticipate your plans and ideas and modify the objects in real time. Interact with holographic images, and truly utilize the physical space around you. Plan the layout of your new office for example or create a live render of a project and connect with your designs in 3D, the virtual world is your oyster.
  • Modernize your employees’ tasks and equipment with HoloLens, offer programmed or live training to employees through live tours of their new workspace, including interactive lessons and demos. Those working out of the office and on the field can benefit from this device too, through connecting to experts who can help them fix problems and highlight things they see in their field of vision, increasing the overall efficiency of their job.

Let’s take a look at HoloLens in the real world

1. The elevator manufacturing company ThyssenKrupp is using HoloLens to design and build their stairlifts, providing easier measurements and offering a model of the design in real-time to show clients. Through implementing this AI-based HoloLens solution, they are able to build their stair lifts up to four times faster than before.

2. Lowe’s home improvement stores are transforming the way their clients remodel their homes, allowing them to visualize their kitchens and create customized designs, before the decision-making process has even begun.

3. Boeing airlines integrated HoloLens into their engineering and manufacturing processes to offer a hands free, interactive 3D wiring diagrams that guide employees through their tasks and cut training times in half. Their 2018 theory studies showed a 90 percent improvement in first-time quality and a 30% reduction in the time spent doing a job.

4. Philips it’s one of the biggest manufacturers in the medicine industry and thanks to HoloLens the processes for therapists and physicians have become easier and healthier for patients. The HoloLens device offers the possibility of connecting with X-ray results from other machines or to show personal information during procedures, which has created a new and innovative way to help doctors in their work.

How will you implement HoloLens in your company?

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