Expand your classroom and create an exciting future for the education of your students with Mixed Reality.

Microsoft for Mixed Reality 

In a way. Mixed Reality offers the best of both worlds of virtual reality & augmented reality. It enables physical and digital objects to co-exist in real time and create a more immersive environment for users. What can Microsoft offer us in Mixed Reality Education?

Bring the Excitement of Mixed Reality Experiences to your Classroom

Nowadays, gaining the attention of the younger generation is increasingly complicated. With the number of leisure offers they are hounded with and are at their disposable in addition to the 24/7 access to social media platforms make catching their attention difficult. So if it already proves a challenge in their free time, what does that mean when it comes to education? For this reason, we must think of technology as allies and use them to our advantage.

Microsoft explains on its website that learning and retention of information of students increase up to 35% when they are provided with immersive technologies such as Mixed Reality.


By learning through experience, they can learn concepts faster than through more traditional ways. This happens because theory is left behind and a more direct approach is adopted: anything that can be touched and manipulated makes the learning process more fun and efficient for students; but not only that: it also facilitates the work of the teachers and allows them to focus on other aspects of interest in their classes.

Offer More Than A Field Trip

Offer a never before experience. Mixed Reality prioritizes not only visual immersion, but also sensory immersion too, in such a way that students are totally focused on the lesson and external factors do not influence their educational process which can often happen when they are sat at a desk in a classroom.

This cutting-edge technology is not only applicable to school education; but also to higher education like universities and professional training. Microsoft Hololens provides the visualization of study objects in a much simpler way than what is usual in many cases, like in Medicine for example, for which much practice and knowledge prior to its implementation is required, it provides students with real life practice in the industry and the handling of dangerous objects that can put other workers lives at risk.

In Bravent & Co. we have adapted Hololearning, an application for Hololens that allows the user to learn to perform actions thanks to the interactivity offered by Mixed Reality. Through videos and tips, you will learn to perform a certain action from anywhere in the world with the ease offered by the realism of this Immersive Reality.



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