There is an irrational fear in the real society of the loss of jobs due to the rise of new technologies. However, statistics show an increase in technology offers that companies fail to cover.

The STEM profiles (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) will increase their expected vacancies by 900,000 in less than two years within our continent. Europe begins to suffer from a lack of talent in the field of data processing, since the storage of information in the cloud does not add any value to companies without a data analyst, statesman or mathematician who is able to interpret them and translate them into a tangible value for the business.

The incorporation of new technologies in the day-to-day of the companies is a problem for more traditional professions such as administration, office work, manufacturing or assembly lines. Unlike these professions, jobs related to creative or technological tasks gain more and more value in the market, since they allow companies to reduce the cost of personnel. Despite this, not all is good news, since this radical transformation in the labor market increases wage inequality, suffering the repercussions of all those professionals who can not adapt to new technologies.

Another of the most visible consequences of this change is the increase of freelance workers as the main work force of companies. The difference for a company to increase its number of self-employed workers translates into more horizontal organizations with greater bargaining power on the part of employees.

The benefits of being freelancers are countless, but above all they emphasize the flexibility of the day and the location from which you work, autonomy in decision-making and the possibility of working in other areas without having to leave your job . However, the insecurity that it raises makes that in many cases that change in the modality of the contract is not attractive.

Luckily, in some companies such as Brintia, we offer these advantages without the inconvenience caused by the instability of this type of contracting. We have a flexible working day and teleworking days that we can choose according to our personal schedules, in order to achieve the freedom of a self-employed worker without adding new concerns to our life.

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Written by: Brintias Team