With an increase in the use of mobile applications, simplicity in user experience is a trending topic. Minimalist design is a powerful communication tool that results in benefits such as the ease of navigation, ease of multi-device adaptation, elegance in design and optimization of loading times, among other advantages. The design should be as intuitive as possible, to keep users interested. Modern technology is a fast moving industry where it’s important to create a simple design that captivates users.


All the elements that constitute user experience must be justified and strictly necessary for the apps design, it’s all about saying more with less. Only the essential elements should be focused on, including a clear message and the minimum amount of text possible, but avoiding confusion.

Conversion rates considerably increase when each screen is focused on the content and on a single call to action, without noise, elements and buttons that distract us from the main objective of each screen. The ideal scenario would be to include only the content and build the interface around this main focus, therefore providing easy and convenient navigation for the user.

In terms of color, we look to simplify the color palette. This doesn’t mean having to design in black and white, but rather carefully choose the necessary colors and create a clear hierarchy through them. The best thing to do is to continue using color as a tool to attract attention to a particular area where the users focus is important.

Visual hierarchy is important across all parts of ux design, not only with colors. Organizing the information on the screen helps to create an easy comprehension guide for the user.


It’s of the upmost importance to respect the margins. The design needs to breathe and the experience must be be comfortable. It should be easy to read so the user can differentiate the different elements that appear on the screen at the same time. The white space is not a void that needs to be filled, it is the main component of simplicity and minimalism. This means that the elements appearing on screen gain importance and your apps navigation becomes more agile.

Written by: Manuel Lopez.