Does your company offer you a Sharepoint portal for the handy management of your files and documents? Well, you’re in luck! Did you know you can store these very files and documents within Sharepoint using Azure Blob Storage?

Resultado de imagen de sharepoint and azure blob storageWhether you have an on premise Sharepoint server or you store things in the cloud (or even using Sharepoint online), you should consider the possibility of storing your files and documents in Azure Blog Storage; especially if you meet these characteristics:

1. You want to improve your portals performance and freeing yourself from the burden of storing and managing generated files.
2. You have a large number of files and documents, which makes your servers and/or portal run slower.
3. You want to save costs in extending your architecture to adapt to the increase in documents and files stored by SharePoint.

Implementing this solution for the storage of files and documentation has multiple benefits:
1. Performance improvement.
2. Cost savings (Azure blob storage has very competitive prices).
3. Disentangling index maintenance.
4. Unlimited capacity of files and their size.

All SharePoint features associated with files and documentation are maintained, including:
1. Your metadata.
2. The indexes in their metadata.
3. Permissions and associated roles.
4. Workflows and related processes.
5. Audit.
6. Retention and registration rules.

In addition, Microsoft has published and enabled libraries and commands to be able to perform the migration of all your portals files and documentation in an easy and fast way, so you do not have to worry about how you are going to transfer them to the new platform.

As if that weren’t enough, implementing a SharePoint portal with Azure Blob Storage makes life easier when migrating, replicationg or moving your portal, since they are independent entities and the adjustments to be made in these cases are minimal.

Resultado de imagen de sharepoint and azure blob storage

As an added value, there are development libraries to be able to automate all the processes related to the documentation and files stored in Azure Blob Storage, since they can be accessed through multiple applications, including:

SharePoint jobs.
Windows services.
Web services.
Custom web elements
Scheduled Windows tasks.

In addition, customized developments can also be carried out for the automation of processes related to files; such as workflows, digital signature of pdf and/or word documents, retention policies (being able to designate documents as records, if they comply with certain rules or conditions) … Generally, any functionality applied to files and documents that can be customized.

In Brintia, we are specialized in the integration of SharePoint portals, both On Premise and Online with Azure Blob Storage, we also have a team who is specialized in the development of customized Apps so that your intranet or extranet has the exact functionalities that you need, and you set the limits that you want.

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Written by: Brintias team