Last week the very talented Ramón Esteben was with the Xamarin Madrid group where he gave one of his best talks yet: Reactive UI & Xamarin.Forms. Our colleague Ramon gave a master class on how to bring both technologies together and opened the door to a new world for many developers.

The talk was very productive, since the large majority who attended didn’t know how the two technologies could work together and, therefore, it resulted in a very explanatory and detailed talk. In short, uniting both frameworks allows you to change the way you code; instead of writing code telling the compiler “how to do something”, we explicitly indicate “what to do”. This is Funtional Reactive Programming.

Attendees asked many interesting questions about how we implemented this into our company, they were very intrigued and Ramón offered some examples of our projects and showed us a demo in which everyone participated.

Thank you so much Ramón Esteban for sharing your knowledge with us and Xamarin Madrid for allowing us to share our working methodology with you.

We will definitely be back with more talks after the summer so stay tuned!