When Qatar submitted its bid to host the 2022™ FIFA World Cup, the country promised to offer innovative solutions to a number of challenges.

One of the main promises was to develop cooling technology for soccer stadiums to help countries host matches all year round.

In Qatar the hot season lasts 4.4 months, from May 12 to September 24, and the average daily maximum temperature is more than 37 °C.

 The hottest month of the year in Qatar is July, with an average maximum temperature of 41 °C and a minimum of 31 °C.

In 2010, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy began collaborating with Qatar University (QU) to design and implement innovative cooling systems for its FIFA™ World Cup stadiums.

The FIFA™ World Cup in Qatar will be held in November and December 2022


During these months the average temperature will be 18 to 24 °C, which means that the technology will help develop a pleasant thermal environment during the tournament.

“The cooling technology we have in Qatar is an open example for the rest of the world to learn from,” said Dr. Saud, professor of mechanical engineering.

“I am very proud that this technology – which originated here – can be adapted by other countries and companies.”

Other technologies to generate fan engagement

There are many other technologies that can be implemented to improve fan experience and engagement, for example, the proposed technological solutions we offer at Brintia.

Virtual Concierge

The virtual concierge is a virtual assistant that is much more than a simple ChatBot that will allow fans to learn more about Qatar and get to know the city better.



The innovative Wayfinder solution can help control access for millions of people in a practical and efficient way.

Selfie Twin

This is a fun and practical digital solution ideal for generating fan engagement.

It is an interactive platform for sports entities looking to connect with their fans.

An intelligent virtual assistant that processes fan selfies and compares them with the database of athletes or sportsmen, to find the closest resemblance or Selfie Twin.

In the final result, fans will be able to know which athlete they resemble the most.

Innovation is the key to success

Did you know that at Brintia we have won an innovation award for being a company committed to the soccer of the future?

What other type of technology do you think could be implemented to make this great event of the 2022 World Cup an unforgettable experience?

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