Are you an AI first company? Well, you ought to be. And here´s why. 

Remember a few years ago when “Mobile-first” became a thing and converted into something completely universal? It feels like a trillion years ago now but here we are once again finding ourselves in the hands of technology and its processes moving completely towards the “AI-first” field, or perhaps better known as “Artificial Intelligence comes first”. The gears are changing once again. Is AI the flavour of the month, week, year and possibly decade? Let´s find out in our new blog post.


The future is AI first.


To understand why AI is at the fore-front of the technological race, we first need to understand how and why it makes our lives better, easier and more innovative.


Why is AI so important for your business?

This could be due to the growing importance of innovative technology like Virtual Assistants with which conversation is established naturally with a promised immediate response. Something users are only  seeing within reach recently. They now live in your phone; in your alarms, grocery shopping and music choices. There´s no escape.

The use of virtual assistants is increasingly common given their convenience and increasing efficiency. Therefore, as the quality of your questions and answers end up improving, it´s not surprising that their use ends up improving naturally too.


By 2020, 80 percent of businesses plan to deploy some type of chatbot with the hope of reducing business costs.


Considering that AI is one of the key trends in the process of digital transformation of companies, the evolution of this technology will be constant. According to the Aquae Foundation, it is estimated that it will have an economic impact of 5,050 million dollars for 2020 and that, for that same year, 6,000 million devices will request AI support.

And it´s not only beneficial for the business, it was reported by Mindshare that 63% of people prefer messaging an online bot rather than communicate with a brand directly.


What exactly can we expect with AI?

To fully integrate devices with AI, they must have the following functions:

Be conversational. The key to the comfort of this technology is that it allows the user to establish a conversation with a Virtual Assistant in an immediate and spoken way, without the need to wait and research the desired information.

Multi-device. Virtual assistants are applicable to a large number of devices and applications such as Messenger, Skype, Slack or the web page itself; so its accessiblity is both fast and convenient.

They never stop learning. Given that these assistants have implemented Machine Learning, the questions that aren´t being responded to correctly at the beginning will improve until the data that they provide are of higher quality. So, always expect the best.

Contextual. Although we are still in the first steps of contexualisation, the device will still have knowledge of the context in which the information is being requested. Meaning the system must know the environment in which to reason their response adequately.

Just remember; the AI market is predicted to become a $190 billion industry by 2025. (Markets and Markets)


What can Brintia offer you in the form of AI?

We can offer you a wide scope of different services;

  • Machine learning
  • Cognitive services
  • Bots

Check them out here.

Since it´s inception, AI has been at the forefront of our technological change. We want to help your company become AI-first leaders in your industry. We can help build scalable and innovative solutions, that help identify patterns in data more efficently than ever before which facilitates in the obtaining of data and business relevant information through mass analysis. This can help increase services, help in decision-making processes and accelerate growth of companies.

Nowadays, Ai first applications are at the heart of everything. This is something completely unavoidable. And soon, overtime, this will become ubiquitous and will blend in naturally to our technological environment. But the question is; Is your business ready?