The responsibility of companies towards society goes beyond legal compliance or obtaining benefits: it is an intangible asset as important as life itself. All companies must contribute to the promotion of the economy, to the creation of better and fairer working relations and to the promotion of sustainable initiatives with society and the environment.

At Brintia we collaborate with universities and training centers to motivate students and to help them have a clearer job orientation in this field and improve their technological knowledge.

The ICT market is experiencing a great growth in recent years and demands a large number of digital experts. We know that this is the perfect time for students to acquire digital skills, which will be essential at work in their immediate future: that’s the reason why we want to guide them in their decision. An EU study, made by its Eurydice network, reaffirms this need for a continuous training in the new technologies. In 2018, the most demanded profile in the ICT world will be the Fullstack Developer, a programmer who dominates both back-end and front-end, taking part in every single project development phase and having been trained in Web Application Development. Referring to our immediate surroundings, at Brintia, as a cutting-edge technology company, we give special attention to young talents, providing them opportunities to enter to the working market. We adapt to the academic needs with paid scholarships, with the final goal of hiring. Among the working conditions enjoyed by our team, there are flexible hours and teleworking: we believe in the ability of people to self-manage and in the benefits shared among the parties involved in this way of working. Moreover, one day per year is given to each person of the company in order to carry out volunteer activities with the aim of promoting a social conscience previously established according to the company values and which is already part of our corporate culture.


Another fundamental value of our corporate culture in which our employees trust in the first instance is the struggle against gender bias in the ICT sector. Not only we are an example, we also support associations and organizations through initiatives such as Just Giving, to help them fighting for fair and equal conditions for everybody.

We are currently raising funds for the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, which strives for gender equality in the technology field.

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Let’s keep on promoting the right ICT development.