When you think about your career or any kind of professional development, it’s usually thought that everyone starts their training at a young age. The normal, or let’s say typical situation, is to choose a major, go to university and be successful at a young age. Well, this isn’t always the case.


Darío Alonso Villar, one of our developers, travels throughout Spain demystifying this idea. His talk “Programmer at 40” tries to inspire other people with his story. He discovered and developed his lifetime career and passion at the age of 40, and nowadays enjoys his life very much. This talk has been a great success in every place he has presented it.


According to Dario, it’s not necessary to plan or follow any kind of order in your life, you just need to follow your dreams and enjoy what you like doing. No matter how old you are.

We are grateful to have you in Brintias team.


Check out the full talk here: