On the 26th of February our developer and colleague Jose Manuel Nieto presented at our first ever event in Dublin, Ireland! He was at the Jet Building to talk all things Cognitive services and delve into the world of Face API.

He began by explaining what exactly these services entail with the help of some examples, he then investigated what exactly Face API is and its role in Cognitive Services. To delve even deeper he displayed its main features and offered some pointers on its business opportunities. To finish up, he demonstrated a live facial recognition demo with incredible results. Just have a look at the pictures 😉

Azure, as you know, is composed of many layers and offers a range of different services. Most of you are already adopting and utilizing these solutions in your companies. However, there’s a part within Azure that remains relatively untouched: Artificial Intelligence.

Azure can easily facilitate your businesses AI adoption, with a range of different services including Machine Learning and Bot services. At our event, our speaker concentrated on the role of Cognitive services. Cognitive services are the services whose capabilities are closer to that of humans, including the five main groups; speech, vision, language, knowledge and search.

Face API demonstrates the drastic need for competent facial recognition services, as although we have had various other solutions available to us previously, they have never offered the level of quality to perform tasks as Face API. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Face API analyses peoples faces both quickly and thoroughly, extracting all sorts of useful information including the individual’s gender, age and emotional state as well as being able to identify the same person more than once and group these recurring characters in unique profiles.

This service offers a range of business opportunities across industries, including retail where shops can provide personalised experiences for their shoppers and airports where optimized security controls can be ensured.

Overall, our first event here at Brintia was a success, thank you to all the attendees and we can’t wait to see you again at the next one, you can find us at Harvey Nash in Dublin as our experts discuss Mixed Reality and HoloLens on the 26th of March. Keep your eye out for more information coming soon!