The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Today, we can finally share with you the results of these 5 years of hard work, and the effort we have made to achieve our goal.

Bravent started as a company full of big ideas and exiting projects, in which we paved a road for ourselves where our team could implement the most innovative and reliable infrastructures, that would ultimately lead us to the fulfilment of our clients’ needs and our own success. A company we could all contribute our knowledge to and break the boundaries of what’s possible, together.

Today, and thanks to the effort and support of everyone part of this company, we are very proud of what we’ve achieved, so far: we can look back to the journey we’ve made and all the problems we’ve overcome, and with the continued help of the close-knit team we are so lucky to have, we will continue to overcome any problems that arise in the future.

Our company is already made up of two merged businesses, where we continue developing on a national scale in Bravent and expanding our focus to international projects in Brintia. As well as that, we continue to invest time into the research and employment of new cutting-edge technologies with Idiwork.

The journey towards internationalisation is made possible through the merging of Bravent and Brintia, which opens doors to a new foreign market, the next goal in our expansion plan. We want to reach other parts of the world and share all the ideas that we have developed here in Spain with them, we want to break borders and open minds, and, above all, we want to share our success with everyone and anyone who wants to accompany us in our journey.

New technologies have always been an important part of our philosophy, but are becoming even more important with the arrival of Idiwork, our I+D+I that aims to push the boundaries of innovation to find technological solutions that are yet to be discovered.

Technology is our passion. In the future, we want to continue innovating and discovering new innovative solutions, but most importantly we want to do it together, we want to share and enjoy the journey with you and never stop learning. We are waiting for you, are you with us?


Written by: Brintias Team