This Tuesday we were in Ourense in the North of Spain for the very 1st Sports Tourism Conference, organized by the Diputación and Inorde, where we had the opportunity to talk with various professionals from the sports sector, once again stating its importance for tourism, as well as the social and economic growth of any region.

Among the professionals was Javier Guillén, general director of La Vuelta, an event that has managed to bring together sport with the wonderful landscapes that Spain offers. Along with the exhibition of Alberto Jofre, winner of two medals in the Paralympic Games, and the next Coupe de la Jeunesse rowing event to be held in 2021, it has become clear that the holding of sporting events always brings many benefits, including a high return of investment.

We at Brintia definitely didn’t want to miss this important event, and that’s why we joined Iris Córdoba, general director of the Global Sports Innovation Center, SPSG Consulting and World Football Summit, to communicate our vision of innovation and trends in the sports industry and how to transfer them to tourism.

Our colleague Mario López had the opportunity to demonstrate our La Liga Assistant project, a conversational bot designed to generate greater fan engagement. Through this conversational assistant, users can obtain the information they need immediately, whenever and wherever.

In addition, he also explained to the audience everything that Hololens can contribute to the sector, demonstrating the work we carried out with Toyota in which we made it possible to pilot a Toyota Yaris WRC 2017 for two circuits, a project we presented at the Catalunya Rally. Check out the video:

The manager of Inorde, José Manuel Rodríguez, and the general secretary for Sport, Marta Míguez, closed the day with an interesting presentation, where we learned all the keys for continuing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by sport and innovation to promote tourism.

Written by: Brintias Team