Yesterday our colleagues Lia Radovic and Mario López were in Dublin, delving into the world of Immersive Realities and Mixed Reality, presenting some very exciting real cases of their usability and examples of their tangible value, as well as how they can be applied to different business areas.

The experts began by explaining what exactly Extended Reality was, as well as it´s various paradigms, and explored the importance and impact of HoloLens in the current technological environment.


To deepen even further, Mario also explained the various charactersitics and interaction values of the HoloLens device and demonstrated some experiences and examples of Brintias work in these solutions.

For example, they showed us some examples of their car showcase, including “the garage of the future”, in which parts can be repaired or replaced at only the touch of a button where the user can see the car under repair and at any angle they want.

Mario also exhibited the experience that Real Madrid Players can experience with this type of technologies as well as with HoloLens where the user can control a Renault Rs16 vehicle or a 2017 Toyota Yaris WRC and immerse themselves in an authentic virtual racing game.

Our colleague Lia then demonstrated the La Liga applications available in Mixed Reality. In this way, the user can see the games that are played daily, relive the best matches/goals, consult statistics, follow the matches live or watch them in 360º from any angle, without the need to attend the stadium in person.​ Exhibiting the incredible opportunities available to the user.

To finish with the presentation, our experts presented the second generation of Mixed Reality glasses that were only recently presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They have not only increased field of vision and offered a lighter and smaller design, but also offer a number of other improvements which were determined in our talk. You can check out their other benefits here.

Make sure you catch us at our next event!