In the digital world in which we now live, everything evolves at great speed and technology that is one day considered an upcoming innovation, can be outdated the next. So you get the gist? Times move fast in the world of IT and we continually have to keep up with the ever increase of new, emerging solutions to keep our projects nice and relevant and stay competitive in the market. Being attentive is not only key in the field of IT but also in other business areas too. The influence of the digital landscape keeps growing and we want to be where the people are this year, so from Brintias marketing department we wanted to do some research into what awaits us in 2019…here’s what we found.

Fast content. Our mobile phones come everywhere with us we are all guilty of that. It’s fair to say most of us feel lost without them. We have become so attached to these little pieces of technology that we have now become used to relying on them for everything. Is there anything they can’t do? The UK ranked as the sixth country in the world with the most smartphone users, with the USA ranking fourth. Users are consuming your content wherever they go; while travelling on the subway, sitting in a restaurant or even sitting at your desk at work, and are therefore less likely to focus on the real tasks at hand…not like we would know anything about that (*cough cough*). The internet is littered with companies content, we consume hundreds of images, videos, blog posts and articles a day, so how can we stay relevant and ensure people not only consume our content but also remember our brand? The key is to offer quick, simple and easy to consume content.

Programmatic video. Behold the future of advertising on any platform. It consists of the complete segmentation of advertising which can be portrayed through the Internet or with a Smart TV. Media is automated and only shown to people who meet the necessary requirements.

Social commerce. I’m sure you’ve liked, commented on or at least appreciated something you saw on social media recently. Streaming and the ease of consuming digital content on social platforms has made the internet the place to be. Considering the hours upon hours a day most of us spend on social media, liking, sharing, tweeting, it’s no surprise that brands are making the most of this and promoting their products through these platforms. Undoubtedly, this years big boom in terms of social media platform has been Instagram, thanks to the adoption of Instagram shopping where at the click of a button you can go directly to the payment gateway of the chosen product from the photo. Effective but dangerous, right?

M-commerce. This point barely needs an explanation. Mobile commerce is winning the battle against e-commerce and as described in our UX/UI webinar last month, in 2019 it’s expected that 63% of mobile users will make purchases through this device. Have a look at our M-commerce webinar here.

Chatbots. In our next webinar, we’ll delve into chatbots and their role more deeply, especially in that of customer service. Generally, this virtual concierge type software works as an application that provides a platform for users to interact with in a conversational manner to help answer questions more efficiently and get a faster response. Unlike traditional customer service, Chatbots are available 24/7 and reduce repetitive questions that customer service employees receive on a daily basis. Basically, its a win-win for both parties!

Voice assistants are in somewhat similar, as they apply the same technique; i.e. automatic learning to offer their innovative services to users. These kind of tools adopt Artificial Intelligence, like Google Home or Alexa, and little by little we start getting used to having them in our homes, asking them to place our orders, set our alarms, play music. With all this data it has become increasingly easier for companies to segment our tastes and offer us personalized services that we can’t say no to.

With this digital revolution, we can only remain attentive to the changes that are coming and try to anticipate them the best we can. We are already doing our research and applying these new trends to our company, what about you?