Offering digital experiences is nowadays a necessity because we live in Industry 4.0.

What does this mean?

Industry 4.0 is also called the fourth industrial revolution or the digital era.

In today’s post we will tell you about what industry 4.0 is and why it is important to offer digital experiences.


A new path of evolution that allows us to grow with our companies

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a way to describe a set of transformations underway and others soon to occur in our economy, society and way of living.

All this transformation has grown even more in the wake of the pandemic, because we have been able to see that the Internet is propelling us onto a new path of evolution that allows us to grow with our companies.

How have we arrived at this digital era, the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0?

Let’s make a brief summary, the first industrial revolution in the year 1760 started with steam-based energy.

The second industrial revolution in 1900 was the era of science and production powered by electricity.

Then, in 1950, the phenomenon of digital technologies arose, giving way to the third industrial revolution, which is when the world of computing appeared.

 In this third revolution, companies begin to seek to improve their operational processes, create new business models and integrate the customer experience through technology.

Today there is talk of a fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0, because we are entering a phase of drastic technological expansion.

A smarter, more intelligent and connected world is being built around us at this very moment and is advancing faster thanks to technology.

Digital experiences that offer efficient technological solutions

A digital experience allows interaction between two or more users through an online medium, that is, through the Internet.

There are services that are only possible thanks to the Internet and this is what allows companies to be part of Industry 4.0 and smart business.

How to be part of the new smart businesses in Industry 4.0?

Having a smart business goes beyond the simple digitization of processes, that is, it is about optimizing with technology with manual processes to systematize tasks and also being able to offer a modern and innovative customer service.

There are Artificial Intelligence platforms that allow us to offer an exclusive and personalized customer service, such as the new chatbots for hotels and some that are much more than just a chatbot for hotels like this Virtual Concierge offered by Briguest’s. 

Turn your company into a smart business with the advice of experts


Taking the step to become part of the new industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is a simple task if you put yourself in the hands of experts who can guide you through the process.

Today, important technological solutions such as Briguest , offer platforms to convert traditional hotels into intelligent ones with Artificial Intelligence, Briguest Virtual Concierge.

At Brintia, we also help companies in the industrial sector to take the step to digital transformation.

Definitely, offering modern and digitized experiences to users will generate greater customer loyalty.

Do you think so, too?

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