Inclusion in the sports sector as a result of technology is becoming more evident every day.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence are helping to achieve a more accessible sports sector.

Inclusive sports are those that adjust to the possibilities of the practitioners and allow the joint practice of people with and without disabilities.

Today, the sports sector is betting on technology to make more people can enjoy sports experiences without distinction.

In today’s post we tell you about the technologies that are driving the sports sector.

Creating inclusive experiences in the sports sector


When we talk about an inclusive experience in the sports sector, we are referring to being able to ensure that any person, regardless of their physical, mental, sexual or social conditions, can participate.

Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies capable of achieving inclusion in the sports sector.

For example, there are technological solutions such as virtual reality platforms that can respond in a personalized way to any question the user may have thanks to an artificial intelligence system.

This has been the proposal that Brintia has presented to the Footballcan41 event, betting for a more inclusive soccer, with which we were the second finalists in the inclusion category.

Inclusive sports are sports that are suitable for everyone

There are other technological solutions that promote a more inclusive sports sector, such as the ones we offer at Brintia.

Such is the case of Wayfinding, a customized augmented reality application available for iOS and Android devices that allows users to locate themselves in a space, select a destination point and receive guidance to get there.

Wayfinding can be implemented in indoor or outdoor environments and is used to facilitate location within large spaces, avoiding stress in the face of unfamiliar places and facilitating social distancing.

Another innovative solution we offer for the sports sector is Selfie Twin, which allows users to connect with their fans in a unique and fun way through an intelligent virtual assistant.

This assistant will process fans’ selfies and compare them with the database of athletes or sportsmen and women in order to find the closest resemblance.

Inclusive technology that helps empower sports brands


Thanks to all these technological platforms, marketing activities can be generated with the aim of offering a better experience for the user, always including them and offering them a personalized and close service.

Likewise, promoting a sports brand through a technological tool will allow you to collect and obtain valuable data that can be used for future marketing actions.

If you want to learn more about how technology can boost your brand within the sports sector, we invite you to contact us so that one of our expert advisors can guide you through the whole process.


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