Definitely, great fan experiences can increase fan engagement in the sport industry.

For that reason, the commitment by sports organizations to provide better fan experiences, including virtual experiences, has evolved too.

This means that nowadays sports companies are offering virtual experiences to their fans to strengthen fan engagement.

In today’s post, we will show How virtual experiences help increase fan engagement in the sports industry so that your company can also become part of this technological revolution.


What is a virtual experience?

A Virtual Experience is an activity that involves immersing a user in an unreal world, in other words, in a virtual reality world, allowing the user to interact with it.

Virtual reality allows the user to enter an imaginary world created by a computer to allow that person to simulate an interactive experience as if he or she were in the real world.

To increase fan engagement it is necessary to invest in technology

That means finding technological solutions that can be customized to fit the fan’s needs.

How do you know what a fan is looking for?

By analyzing the fan’s profile and behavior inside and outside the sports center to be able to offer a better experience, for example, by providing vital information about a certain event.

You can inform fans about start times, about food options on the day of the event inside the stadium or answer their questions immediately thanks to chatbots or applications developed with artificial intelligence.

How can you customize virtual experiences in the sports sector to engage fans?

By using GPS-enabled devices, a technology that allows you to offer reward points or send specific offers to fans within a region.

Some passionate fans attend games and follow teams through every channel, so a loyalty program will be very useful to encourage them to attend events more frequently, either in a virtual reality environment or in real life.

Likewise, social networks such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are excellent platforms where you can stream videos of the best moments of your team’s games, either after or during an event, to engage fans.

You can also make use of applications that generate a close connection of fans with their favorite players, for example, with this innovative application that we have developed in Brintia, called: Selfie Twin.

How does the Selfie Twin application work?

Selfie Twin is an intelligent virtual assistant that will process the selfies of the fans and compare them with the database of athletes or players, to find the closest similarity to Selfie Twin.

As a result, fans will be able to know to which athlete they look more similar.

Interesting and innovative, isn’t it?

Innovation is the key to success


Did you know that at Brintia we have won an innovation award for being a company committed to the soccer of the future?

What other type of technology do you think could be implemented to make this great event of the 2022 World Cup an unforgettable experience?

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