Nowadays all customers demand personalized experiences. In the hospitality industry when we talk about this, we are talking about creating a whole travel experience. As far as we know the hospitality industry has always given the same service and the same experience for every customer. However, this must change and technology solutions like Virtual Concierge are the perfect partners for this.

Thanks to all its features, Virtual Concierge can help you to predict your customer needs and even offer them what they need when and where they need them.

The Virtual Concierge can be implemented quickly and provides a new layer of interaction between the hotel and its guests while bringing key features that guests will demand in this new post-COVID-19 ere like automatized room service, online reservations. cleaning requests, etc.




1. In-room Service

Guests who want to avoid queues or prefer to limit the interaction with other guests can order breakfast conveniently from the Virtual Concierge and have it delivered to their room at the time of their choosing.

We have combined the power of the cloud with the usability of a chatbot that even integrates with Alexa or Google Assistant (we are the first Microsoft partner worldwide to do this) and tailored it specifically to the hotel industry. The Virtual Concierge offers the guest a unique, personalized experience that they will remember and want to repeat.


2. Housekeeping

Once you checked in, you will have access to all the housekeeping functionality. Find out the status of your room, when it was last cleaned and even schedule a room clean yourself.

And if you have forgotten your toothbrush or another essential item, you can order it through the Virtual Concierge. There is even a pillow menu where the guest can see and choose their favorite pillow.

3. Making Reservations

Make reservations quickly and easily using the Virtual Concierge for the restaurants, SPA, activities, etc.

Guests can find all the information about the hotel’s facilities, services, restaurants, room service, promotions, and much more. It can also answer questions using natural language such as “can I order drinks to the room”.


4. Digital Information

Guests will demand to have all the information about the hotel’s facilities, services, restaurants, room service, promotions, and much more in a digital way. No more leaving printed papers in the room. Our Virtual Concierge can be packed full of digital hotel information that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the guest – even before they arrive.



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