Sports fans experiences aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays, sports organisations want to interact with their fans all the time. Mixed reality has the potential to change the game of sport, through the driving of creativity and the optimization of fan engagement. Certain applications can optimise not only the users experience in live sporting events, but also players performance and their coaching.

 The future of coaching

Thanks to mixed reality and the possibility it gives us to include interactive and digital elements (holograms) in the real environment, coaches can recreate different scenarios and extreme situations and observe athlete’s behaviour, simply using a Mixed Reality device.

During exercises, athletes can cross multiple spaces and tests that will help them to improve their capacities and will help the coach to evaluate their performance and make adjustments. This gives them the opportunity to improve their strategies and properly grant roles within the team and games. Players performance during and outside of game times will be assessed and improved and new tactics will be introduced thanks to footage assessment.

Thanks to Mixed Reality, athletes will be able to make better decisions, recognize patterns more easily and improve their ability to react stimuli.

 Mixed reality as a new sporting experience

Mixed reality can transform any sporting event into an unforgettable experience for your audience. For example, watching a football game from your sofa and projecting it to the size of a movie screen on your wall, immersing yourself in the game as if you were there in real life, and recording everything the player sees in the moment to share their experience from every angle, etc. MR offers a more enjoyable experience with interactive content through TVs, smart phones and tablets. These images could be retransmitted on stadium screens and user’s screens at home to give the viewer an unparalleled experience.

Last year, in research by Deloitte on sports industry trends, investments in AR and VR technologies were fast increasing and continue to this day. Organisations consider these technologies as the solution to transforming a fans experience into something immersive and life changing, to make them feel as if they are watching the game from the side of the pitch and not from their own home. To make them feel a part of the action, from anywhere in the world.

Mixed Reality offers many advantages & opportunities:

  1. Deeper experience. MR offers a deeper experience for fans at events, allowing brands to interact with customers one to one and offer a more personalised experience. It offers enhanced immersive contact between both the real and artificial world, optimises customer loyalty and strengthens brand image.
  2. Player monitorization. For a team to play at their best, they must perform well together. With a combination of the IoT and big data, coaches can monitor players health and identify important data to be collected, analysed and used to make strategic decisions like line-up creation, to help optimise performance. This provides a competitive edge for a competitive environment.
  3. Fan immersion. MR services are fast progressing, offering more and more innovative and interactive features for fans. One exciting development is the opportunity for fans to experience games through the players own eyes, being able to watch the action on the pitch from different perspectives and angles including cameras, sensors and AI services.

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Written by: Brintias Team