With the latest incorporation of an active population into the labor market, the issue of dividing your personal and professional life is increasingly difficult. Young people are now focusing more on working to live rather than the opposite. Therefore, companies who incorporate this type of talent into their business must be prepared for a change in their values.

Achieving a balance between your personal and professional life not only benefits employees health and lifestyle, but also affects the productivity and overall climate of our company. The lack of seperation or inability to seperate these two aspects of our lives can lead to catastrophic consequences, such as cerebrovascular accidents, heart disease, depression or anxiety. Burnout syndrome is becoming increasingly common among the occupational illnesses of workers, and this is a direct consequence of the professional burnout that comes from not knowing how to disconnect from work when necesarry.

Here are some simple recommendations that help facilitate employees disconnection from work, easy to apply in our day to day lives:

-Delete email notifications

-Do not bring your work computer home

-Help staff get used to leaving the office at a set time and don´t allow them to perform extra hours on a regular basis

Establishing these conciliation measures that adapt to the recent changes in human needs and intellectual capital implies a change of consciousness in organizations models. It is also one of the simplest ways to attract and retain talent. Randstad released a report based on national and international results, and it showed that employees value the balance between their personal and professional life less than salary. However, it still came in second place which shows that professionals still value work/life balance as a key element when choosing a company in which to develop their career.

In Brintia we continue to look for new measures to help improve our employees work/life balance as much as possible, so we would love to get your opinion on the matter:

What measures would you like your company to implement to help improve this balance? We want to know your opinion!

Written by: Brintias team