Hospitality 2.0: How hotels can prepare for the new era after COVID-19

We all know that the COVID19 Pandemic has reshaped many businesses and processes. One of these areas that suffered a huge impact is the hospitality industry. The way we travel, we look for hotels, the cleanness of spaces, the interaction with other people, and more.  These changes, however, should be considered as new ways hotels can reshape their business for Hospitality 2.0

In the post-COVID-19 World, guests will demand changes from hotels, so take a look at how you can prepare to face this new Hospitality 2.0. See the services that will be a must for the whole hospitality industry and how our virtual concierge can help you during the digital transformation processes of your business.



Cleaning has become an extremely important part for guests and hotels post-COVID-19. This is now at the forefront of the guests’ and staff’s minds, and that is before you even consider the need to comply with hygiene regulations. Hotels have had to review their cleaning and sanitisation processes and procedures. Making this information available to the guests will help restore trust and making them feel safe and secure. Our virtual concierge solution can show this information to the guest, so they can check the last room clean or even schedule a new one themselves.

Digital Information

Guests will demand to have all the information about the hotel’s facilities, services, restaurants, room service, promotions, and much more in a digital way. No more leaving printed papers in the room. Our Virtual Concierge can be packed full of digital hotel information that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the guest – even before they arrive.


Self-check-In and check-out

Nobody wants to have to wait in line to be checked in – especially now. So having an online checkin service will save time and allow the guest to start enjoying the hotel services as soon as they arrive. Guest can perform functions such as Manage the guest information, upload Identification documents, manage registration card information, verify Terms & Conditions, and more. And when it’s time to check-out, the Virtual Concierge will guide guests through the process. Access your hotel bill, and even make the payment securely with a credit card using the hotel payment portal.



In-room Service
Guests who want to avoid queues or prefer to limit the interaction with other guests can order breakfast, lunch or dinner conveniently from the Virtual Concierge and have it delivered to their room.

With a digital room-service menu, the hotel can also create new items quickly and even make a last-minute promotion!.





We understand that every hotel is different, and the services they provide are sometimes unique. That’s why we have made the Virtual Concierge total customizable so that it can be tailored to the individual needs of each hotel.

The best way to find out about all the additional features and benefits is to request a demonstration and see them for yourself.