The hotel industry is notoriously slow at adopting new technologies, but now is the time to ‘accelerate’ good ideas and modernize processes that are decades old. Now is the opportunity to reshape and innovate their processes. Our Virtual Concierge solution will help hotels to adapt to the new era and customers, putting as a priority their safeness, also will be an example of how to implement digital customers – centric actions.

With social distancing measures in place, many hotel guests will be looking to limit human interaction and obtain information digitally, with the ability to self-service where possible.

Discover the Virtual Concierge solution that can be implemented quickly. It provides a new layer of interaction between the hotel and its guests while bringing key features that guests will demand in this new post-COVID-19 era.


  1. Self-check-In and check-out

Guests can perform a pre-check-in or full check-in via the Virtual Concierge – even if your PMS system does not have this feature. The Virtual Concierge can interface with the hotels Backoffice systems to perform the main check-in functions such as Manage the guest information, upload Identification documents, manage registration card information, verify Terms & Conditions and enter Credit Card securely


  1. Making Reservations

Make reservations quickly and easily using the Virtual Concierge for the restaurants, SPA, activities, etc.

Guests can find all the information about the hotel’s facilities, services, restaurants, room service, promotions, and much more. It can also answer questions using natural language such as “can I order drinks to the room”.


  1. Automatic Payments

When it’s time to check out the Virtual Concierge can guide your clients through the process. You can access your hotel bill, and even make the payment securely with a credit card.


  1. In-room Service

Guests who want to avoid queues or prefer to limit the interaction with other guests can order breakfast conveniently from the Virtual Concierge and have it delivered to their room at the time of their choosing.


We have combined the power of the cloud with the usability of a chatbot that even integrates with Alexa or Google Assistant (we are the first Microsoft partner worldwide to do this) and tailored it specifically to the hotel industry. The Virtual Concierge offers the guest a unique, personalized experience that they will remember and want to repeat.


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