Contactless – Contact more!


The Hospitality industry is one of the most affected by Covid-19. As it starts to slowly welcome back guests, the aftermath of the pandemic will continue to reshape the way that hotels perform many of their daily tasks and how do they interact with their customers.


Hotels are being forced to accelerate their digital transformation and to redefine a new guest journey to fit into this new reality. Contactless features are now high in the list for guests who wish to limit the human interaction and self-service where possible.


Guests also want to start enjoying the hotel experience without having long queues at check-in or the concierge desk.


Technology will help hotels during this transformation.

From the way guests check-in and out of a hotel, how they order food, make reservations, and obtain information on all the facilities and services available to them during their stay, all this can be implemented on friendly and innovative self-service experience.

Our cloud-based Virtual Concierge solution can be implemented quickly and provides a new layer of contactless guest experiences with features that will are in demand in this new post-COVID-19 world.

Check our contactless features for guests.


Self-check-In and check-out

Guests can perform a pre-check-in or full check-in via the Virtual Concierge – even if your PMS system does not have this feature. The Virtual Concierge can interface with the hotels Backoffice systems to perform the main check-in functions such as Manage the guest information, upload Identification documents, manage registration card information, verify Terms & Conditions, and more. When it’s time to check-out, the Virtual Concierge can guide your clients through the process. You can access your hotel bill, and even make the payment securely with a credit card using the hotel payment portal.


Digital Information

The Virtual Concierge can be packed full of digital hotel information that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the guest – even before they arrive. Guests can find all the information about the hotel’s facilities, services, restaurants, room service, promotions, and much more. No more leaving printed papers in the room, the guest can receive personalised notifications of changes to schedules or reminders of upcoming events.


In-room Service
Guests who want to avoid queues or prefer to limit the interaction with other guests can order breakfast, lunch or dinner conveniently from the Virtual Concierge and have it delivered to their room.




We understand that every hotel is different, and the services they provide are sometimes unique. That’s why we have made the Virtual Concierge total customisable so that it can be tailored to the individual needs of each hotel.

The best way to find out about all the additional features and benefits is to request a demonstration and see them for yourself.