Have you already heard the news? Microsoft has presented something very special this weekend at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The next generation of its wearable holographic solution: Hololens 2, complete with considerable improvements compared to its previous version and greater convenience in its use this new headset means business.

Since its initial release HoloLens has changed the way we work, learn and communicate and the introduction of Hololens 2 brings even more exciting opportunities.

For starters, equipped with its new carbon-fiber design, these glasses are much less bulky which makes for easier and more comfortable use. It is also easier to adjust them with a dial-in fit system and the front of the glasses can be lifted without even removing them from your head. This along with improved thermal management and vapor chamber technology, means these glasses can be worn comfortably for hours on end.

Hololens 2 have doubled the field of view which in Microsofts own words, will allow the user to go from “seeing in 720p to seeing in 4k”. The tracking system has also been developed, thus allowing a better tracking of the user’s eye position through eye tracking. But not only that: thanks to iris recognition, login will be automatic.

This version is also able to detect peoples hand movements if they need an external sensor, detecting what they are pressing with their finger or if they are picking up any specific object.

Another novelty of Microsofts newest generation is the introduction of an open platform: Firefox Reality, a collaboration with Mozilla that will bring together a new version of Mixed Reality with Firefox, in addition to Unreal Engine 4, a second collaboration with Epic Games.

To add to its improvements, it will also come with a new Kinect Azure sensor and its own ARM processor.

These new Microsoft glasses will only be available for companies, not even offering a developer version. Of course, companies will have the Dynamics 365 learning platform with explanatory guides of specific work tasks.

On top of this, through its personalization program Microsoft partners can adapt the glasses to the specific needs of their area of work, as is the case demonstrated in this presentation; the Trimble XR10, a construction helmet with Hololens 2 incorporated within it. In addition to providing all the necessary security measures it also provides all the information possible so that employees are trained specifically for the tasks they will perform.

You can already reserve this device for 3,500 dollars and expect to be able to use them sometime this year. Itching to get started? Developers can start accessing Azure now and start creating apps and services for these new glasses, as when coupled with new or existing Azure solutions HoloLens becomes even more intelligent and the opportunities will be endless. Here at Brintia we’ve already been reaping in the benefits of working with these new solutions, will you?

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