Last week Brintia participated in the GSIC SUMMIT 2019, an event organized by the Global Sports Innovation Center and powered by Microsoft.

The event received representatives from the most important football leagues, associations and clubs from 29 different countries and more than 950 European clubs.

With the support of Microsoft, GSIC has been helping bring together technology sports solutions companies and sport entities, to drive the continuous digital transformation change in the sports industry.

At this event, Brintia had the opportunity to speak and showcase our latest sports solutions as well as learn about the latest trends in sports technology innovation: Smart Stadium, Artificial Intelligence, Injury prevention, athlete performance, Business Insights, eSports and Startups.



We were especially excited to show the project we won in collaboration with Real Sociedad football club that received the GSIC Sport Thinkers eSports award. This project uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the fan engagement experience.

It is always a pleasure to share knowledge and experiences with the GSIC team and its members.

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