Millennials start and end the day with technology. They have grown up in an artificial world, one characterized by rapid and unexpected change where children are born digital natives and the future is a continuous question mark. They’ve grown up knowing no different, for them navigating smartphones, playing on Ipads and using the words meme and gif are part of their daily lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if a child born after 2010 first word was password. This existential rise of technology and digital retooling of our lives has sparked an interesting debate; is this new reality harming the young generation of today? Although many may argue that it negatively affects an individual’s health, their originality and individuality as well as reduced attention spans, there is no arguing that millennials are driving the future of business. They are everywhere, and they are embracing the channels in which they are always engrossed to efficiently drive business growth.

Tech dependent

Older generations would say that millennials are tech savy, forever tweeting and blogging their way through life. However, just because technology has become an everyday part of their lives, does it really mean they truly understand how to use internet technology, or can they just not imagine life without it?

They no longer ask their employees for the most current, UpToDate tech devices in the workplace, they expect it. They feel as though they need it to efficiently carry out their jobs and this has led to businesses to feel the need to seek out the most innovative and cutting edge digital tools, to keep their youngest employees happy. They are always on Facebook, designing apps, coming up with ideas like Uber and Just Eat to make their lives easier. They don’t have time to waste. Companies must now invest in millennial friendly tech like cloud computing, mobile tech and AI. And it’s not only companies; older generations once slower at engaging in this new digital age have started to embrace it realizing that if they don’t, they will get left behind.

Wherever, whenever

The traditional 9 to 5 working day has officially gone out of fashion, as we can constantly remain connected to our devices in the office, on the move or at home. We now communicate with colleagues across the world, instead of just across the office, increasing both collaboration and productivity. Having grown up with the evolution of communication and technology millennials understand how they go hand in hand and for them technology has become an outlet for communication wherever they are. The world is literally at their fingertips.

Millennials are driven by opportunties rather than money, they now want to contribute, feel appreciated and travel the world. They want a better work/life balance instead of being stuck in an office, which in turn is beneficial for both parties as it helps increase job satisfaction and reduces turnover. Due to this increased need for working flexibility adopting cloud systems is an important next step for companies in their digital transformation journey. The cloud enables employees to access information across the globe and creates an open working environment for the whole team to share and collaborate.

Cloud generation

Young people of today expect three things; automation, flexibility and instant results. They need efficiency, repetitive task automation and immediate gratification. They don’t want to waste their time on pointless tasks that could be done in half the time with a computer, so they challenge more traditional business methods in order to better increase functionality. Readily available information, personalized services and the power to control their own user experience has transformed the internet into a global marketplace where anything is possible and everything is accessible. The opportunities are endless, no matter where you are in the world. Utilizing the technology we have available to us allows us to diversify working methods, facilitate overseas business relationships and better secure personal data.

Thanks to the cloud information is always readily available, easy to find and secure. It makes our work lives easier and we appreciate the easiness and convenience of the services provided. Microsofts cloud offering, Azure, offers companies the safest and most advanced security technology in the market and a pay as you go payment service which optimizes both cost effectiveness and scalability, allowing you to better control your IT needs. Thanks to the birth of the cloud generation, the power is in your hands.

Written by: Brintias team