With the incorporation of the latest generations of the active population into the labor market, the division between employees personal and work life are increasingly important, and companies are striving to create an environment where employees can give equal value to both parts. Businesses should be aware of this generational change to generate higher levels of loyalty among the talent they possess. Achieving a balance between work life and personal life not only results in an improvement in the health and lifestyle of employees, but also positively impacts the climate and productivity of our company.

Some of the recommendations that help ease this conciliation are easy to apply in our day to day, like disactivating email notifications during the weekend, therefore increasing daily work hours productivity. Establishing conciliation methods that adapt to the needs of human capital and intellectual, results in a change of consciousness in organisations models and is one of the easiest ways to attract and retain talent. Randstad carried out a report based on both national and international results, and the balance between work and personal life came in second place of importance, right behind salary. These are some of the key findings of Randstad’s yearly global research on Employer Branding from 2017; after an attractive salary and long-term job security, mentioned by 58% and 46% respectively as important attributes to a company to work for, 45% of participants noted a good work-life balance as a key contributor to company attractiveness. Companies who encourage a good work-life balance are more attractive to employees and will receive a more valuable pool of candidates, as well as higher levels of loyalty and employee-retention and lower turnover.

In Brintia, we apply all methods possible to help facilitate flexibility and conciliation between both worlds, so let us ask you a question; what methods would you like to see companies implement to help improve this conciliation? Get in touch! We would love to hear your opinion!

Written by: Brintias Team