At Brintia we are committed to the sports sector and we are always committed to innovation.

As an example, the award we have received for participating in the FootballCan 2041 innovation challenge last May 2021.

Do you want to know why we are committed to the soccer of the future and why we have been awarded this innovation prize?

Read on to find out.

FootballCan2041, a project with great social impact

Banco Santander (Santander) and the Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC) have been the organizers of this great event that was born from Santander’s philosophy of improving the lives of people and society through soccer.

More than 200 projects from more than 30 countries participated, including Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Switzerland, among others.

The most disruptive solution capable of helping to make the soccer of the future more inclusive, diverse and sustainable would be the winner.

The jury was made up of 12 experts and professionals from the sports industry, who selected the three most solid projects within three categories that would evaluate what soccer would be like in 20 years’ time.

These categories were: inclusion, diversity and sustainability.

Brintia, a company with the right vision for the future

Brintia participated in the category of inclusion, showing a proposal with a vision of the future that bet on wearable technology.

An example of devices with the type of wearable technology would be watches, glasses and any other device that includes a microprocessor that allows recording and displaying data to the user, and of course, that can always be worn.

“Currently there are smart devices that fulfill these data recording functions, however, in 20 years everything will be much more advanced, surely we will have contact lenses that include augmented reality and further facilitate the user experience in sports”- says John Gutierrez, head of Business Development Brintia, who in turn has been responsible for participating in the challenge FootballCan41, with the proposal that has been the winner.

Brintia’s proposal for a more inclusive soccer

“We want to help soccer clubs to offer entertainment, safety and equality, that’s the soccer of the future we want to create”- says John.

Headsets, glasses, smart glasses, even chips that are implanted at subcutaneous level and connected to a virtual assistant through a virtual reality platform.

This virtual reality platform will be able to respond in a personalized way to any question the user has thanks to an artificial intelligence system.

This was Brintia’s innovative and inclusive proposal, which was runner-up in the “inclusion” category.

Definitely, technology is here to stay and the companies that join this digital revolution will be the ones that can attract and retain a greater number of customers.


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