What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality is the combination of blending the real world with a digital one, represented through the possibility of anchoring holograms to our human environment with which we can interact.


It was only expected that Mixed Reality would soon come to Azure, the market is catching up in terms of immersive realities and almost all businesses are looking into the advantages of them. For example, many of the functions we perform with these devices can be used in others, without the typical sensors of environment recognition. Even a simple camera nowadays can give us the necessary information to carry out Mixed Reality development. Did you know this? Thanks to Azure Mixed Reality, we can make developments that can be used in an endless number of devices. Here are some examples for your company:

Azure Mixed Reality Services 

Spatial Anchors are the one of he biggest and fastest growing Azure Mixed Reality services, which can be described as a cloud-powered spatial awareness apparatus for the HoloLens AR headset. They allow us to create multiplatform Mixed Reality applications with the anchoring of holograms in the real world and the possibility of sharing it between devices such as HoloLens, iOS (ARKit) and Android (ARCore). Azure Spatial Anchors help empower developers with essential capabilities in order to create spatially aware Mixed Reality applications. The next step? Creating your first app with this service using either Unity, iOS, Android and HoloLens.

Remote Rendering is a service that allows us to represent high quality 3D models without using Lowpoly versions of them as well as being able to stream it to your devices in real time. We can enjoy these models in great detail in services such as HoloLens, iOS and Android.

It demonstrates the same hlograms to all users no matter the platform on their device, and plugins help deliver this funtion so it´s easier to integrate it into your apps. Contact us here at Brintia so we can explore the many possibilities together!



Azure Digital Twins is an Azure IoT service that allows us to create comprehensive IoT applications of the physical environment that are able to acknowledge and interact with the world around them. This gives us the possibility to automate actions in a real or digital environment. But why is this technology so important?

Think of a digital twin as a bridge between the real and digital world; a tool which can help you optimize customer experience, better understand clients needs, develop advancements to already existing products and drive innovation. We seem to be on the cusp of a digital twin explosion, do you want to be a part of it?


Mixed Reality Devices 

Although Azure Mixed Reality services work on many devices, there are two that are specially designed to maximize their functionality:

Azure Kinect DK is an evolution of its predecessors Kinect V1 and V2 for PC which offers the availability of advanced artificial intelligence sensors for both voice and image services, combining its 12Mp camera, 1Mp depth sensor and other orientations (Accelerometer and Gyroscope) including an array of 7 space microphones. It also allows us to connect several Kinect Development Kit devices to take advantage of the various solutions deriving from respective Kinects.



HoloLens 2 is the next generation headset of HoloLens and currently one of the most exciting new advanaces in Azure. It is the most advanced independent device of Mixed Reality in the market, thanks to the 3 years of development that went into designing it and is the first version of HoloLens for developers. This new and improved HoloLens device offers a increased immersion, improvement in battery life and a more comfortable and ergonomic design.

Want to learn more about its developments and what it can offer you? Read our blog post here.


Azure has officially arrived to complete Mixed Reality and shows no signs of slowing down. How will you harness these new developments to the best of your companies abilities?

Written by our Mixed Reality Tech lead Marcos Rodriguez. Follow him on Linkedin here!