When we think about the development of applications or webpages, we think about style, design and how we are going to attract our target audience. However, it requires more complex methods, such as the importance of usability and user experience when designing your interface. Which is necessary in order to meet the requirements of UX and UI.

User Interface

The objective of the UI (User Interface), is that mobile applications or web portals are more attractive, reflect the brands attributes and also make user interaction as intuitive as possible, known as user-centered design. In this sense, the discipline of interface design ensures that the activity to be developed is communicated in the best way possible and in harmony with the brand it represents and the objectives that it pursues.

Although it’s usually related to graphic design, it doesn’t always have to be synonymous. What the UI does deal with is typographical design, contents, the consistency of branding and other graphic resources.

 “The objective of the UI is to make user interaction as simple and efficient as possible”

User Experience

To make a good UX design, we need to identify our target audience and the needs and motivations they represent. With this user in mind we will create stories of how they interact with our design, from the moment you meet us until the moment you buy from us, without forgetting the post purchase service.

Within UX all attention is directed to the user, what they want to do with the application or web. How the user interacts with the application before, during and after interacting with the device’s screen.

“UX is what a person perceives when interacting with a product or service.”

Interaction Design

The interaction design consists of defining the way in which our design will behave when the user interacts with it. From how a menu will be displayed to how you will contact us, exploring other aspects such as the loading time of a website or the color a button will change to when you place the cursor over it. We will define for example, if we make a simple or double click or if the scroll will work naturally or the other way around.

In summary, it’s applying what we found out from user experience and adjusting it by designing interfaces. The worst mistake that a developer can make is not doing the necessary tests with users, because the developers perception of their product may be very different from the end users perception, and they therefore run the risk of making a tedious and complicated product. The interactions design defines the behaviour (the “interaction”) of an interface in response to their users.

“IxD is the way in which the interface behaves, the operating flows and the systems responses”

Written by: Manuel López.