How can the industry meet expectations and deliver unmatched customer experience during these challenging times of Covid19.

Safety is the new Luxury

The worldwide pandemic has hit the hospitality industry the hardest due to global restrictions that we all shared. It will take a long time for the industry to recover but when it does (and it will) it should be prepared for the “new normal”.

Here’s what we should expect to see in 2021.

1. Cleanliness First

Clearly, the pandemic has not only affected industries but also their customers. People have changed their behaviour and have new demands that should be taken into account. Customers will pay more attention to the safety measures and hygiene of the place, and what was once taken for granted as a “clean” room has now changed to a “virus-free” room.

The industry will need to start following strict cleanliness guidelines and even reconsider current  procedures.

Here are few ideas on how to start:

  • Use disinfectant lights that sanitize surfaces
  • Implement chat services, like chatbots, for more swift and accurate ways to communicate information to guest
  • Introduce Hotel apps to the guests where all protocols and initiatives are listed

2. Contactless Interactions

In current times, technology in the hotel industry aids both the customer experience and, more importantly, the need of a safe and clean setting.

A great example is stepping into a fully contactless hotel, which seems like a simple feature to offer, but goes a long way in making the guests feel secure and comfortable.

Contactless services, like contactless check-ins and outs save a lot of time for the guests and provide minimal human contact. Also, the possibility to order room cleaning services or to book activities straight from a mobile phone will appeal when making a hotel reservation.


3. Health, Exercise & Wellness Stays

Because this situation has been stressful for many people, it is smart to assume that this year should involve a need for relaxation. People will spend more money on wellness retreats, spas and luxury hotels to escape all the noise, frustration and worry.

Additionally, sports is also seen as a way to unwind and improve quality of life, so offering unique ways to stay active and healthy, such as yoga, meditation or even nutrition plans, can really make a hotel stand out from the crowd.


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