COVID-19 has accelerated customer demand for technologies that enable a contactless experience while adding convenience that did not exist in the past. The change is happening everywhere, including in the hospitality industry. But what do the customers think?

Guests prefer contactless hotel stays

A recent blind survey done by Metova asked over 1000 people in the United States who have stayed at a hotel, resort, or casino in the past two years regarding their sentiment about COVID-19 practices, concerns, and technology in the hospitality industry. 

And here are the results: 

  • 69 % of people have avoided staying in hotels, resorts or casinos due to the coronavirus.
  • 90% said that it is very important that the facility they go to enforces COVID-19 safety policies.
  • Nearly 90% also preferred that the hotel they visit has a mobile app that allows them to manage their stay without having to interact with a person.
  • 86% said that they would choose one hotel over another if it has a mobile application with a fully contactless mobile check-in, concierge, check-out and facility reservation services. 
The survey also listed the top 3 changes that the clients most value for a future hotel stay:  
  • Mobile check-in and alerts for on-site amenities (68%),  
  • access to the room via mobile app (61%), 
  • and online concierge services via mobile app (55%) .


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