Over the years, Cloud computing has evolved from being seen as a cutting-edge resource to one of the most essential business tools your company can have. It is now known as being one of the single most important technologies to have emerged in recent years, and although you’ve no doubt heard of the term and are aware of what it means, you might not know exactly how it can benefit your business and why the Azure cloud specifically is the best and safest option for you company’s data.

For the businesses who have yet to embrace and take advantage of the cloud, the question is, what benefits will the cloud bring to your company and what role can it play?

There are many factors behind the driving of cloud adoption, here are some of the advantages that businesses utilizing cloud computing are experiencing today

Improved mobility – data is available to employees no matter where they are in the world. Employees can take their work anywhere via smart phones and tablets. Your data is available at anytime, anywhere

Enhanced agility – the ability to deliver results cheaper, faster and with more quality

Increased collaboration – dispersed groups of your team can virtually connect and share information in real time via shared storage providing them with full visibility of their collaborations and allowing them to do more together and better

Better security – Rather than having all of your companies sensitive data stored in one place, which could easily be lost due to disaster, cloud computing offers you greater security. With this service you are ensured the optimal protection of your data always

More flexible costs – Cloud computing cuts the high costs of hardware as the service is pay as you go, so your company can enjoy a subscription-based model only paying for what you use, it’s never been easier to take that first step towards cloud computing!

Why Microsoft Azure?

As you may already know, Microsoft’s cloud offering is Azure. Using Azure as a cloud computing service provides companies with a wide range of benefits as it now offers services and features that far surpass its competitors

.Net Compatibility

Azures compatibility with the .Net programming language means that’s Azure has been built to work consistently and efficiently with both old and new applications developed using the .Net programming framework. Therefore, it’s much easier and less time consuming for companies that use .Net based apps to transfer them to Azure cloud.

Integrated Environment

Azure offers your company an integrated environment for building, testing, and deploying Cloud apps and open development languages add to the flexibility for Azure migration.

Increased Production

Reduce deployment time to market, in order to deliver features faster with over 100 end to end services.


Azure’s Security exceeds its competitors by taking an “assume breach” approach with a focus on privacy and threat detection. Its features include identity, intrusion and access detection, a round the clock response team, encryption protected communications and firewalls.

As cloud computing technologies usage continues to grow, your business needs to keep up with competition and take advantage of these specialized services. Cloud computing makes it easier than ever before to share, manage and store data, so what are you waiting for!


Written by: Brintia’s team