Whats in it for me?

Migrating to the cloud has to be one of the easiest and most obvious options for budding businesses to date, it´s the start of innovating your business and staying at the top of your game among your competitors. Being in the cloud was once considered to be of cloud superiority, but has now become the norm for any business opting for digital transformation.

The competition for cloud leadership is a three way race including three of the biggest brands in the technology industry: Microsoft, Amazon and Google. All pioneers of innovation they each have their own strengths and weaknesses and in today´s cloud based blog post we will delve into each one but the question is; which vendor will come out on top?


What makes them different?


We have spoken vastly about the overarching benefits of Azure cloud, which you can take a look at here. Microsoft Azure offers over 600 different services in the platform and has your business covered from any angle you need from storage to Machine Learning.

How can Azure benefit your business?

IoT suite. Microsoft is rightly considered as one of the main competitors in the IoT market. Azure offers a range of gateways into this world that can help bring your company together in new ways. Including the IoT hub which scales to connect millions of meters and can process huge volumes of data including supporting various protocols like HTTP and MQTT.

Kubernetes. A portable and open-source platform for managing containerized solutions and workloads. Containers have become increasingly popular since the wider use of Docker containerization and it´s project launch in 2013. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) facilitates the integration and administration of applications in containers. It provides serverless Kubernetes, an integrated integration and delivery experience as well as enterprise-level security. Create a single level development and operations team platform in order to deliver and scale applications with confidence.

Hybrid Deployment. Take advantage of your on-premise resources and the all the benefits the cloud offers by developing hybridly.



Google has been one of the true drivers of Kubernetes, and has promoted this open source platform that provides a running mill of business value including;

Big brands. SME´s and startups are integrating this container technology as it seems to offer the overall population of the business world a good enough advantage to adopt it. However, this shouldn´t be a stand alone goal, you need to first be aware of the advantages of its predecesor Dockers before making any big decisions.

Despite this, we can easily make a case for Kubernetes since it provides many advantages for our business due to its mature and fundamental architecture.

Due to it´s broad integration and popularity, it definetely stands out amongst its competitors as well as also providing a rich selection of workloads and programming languages to provide a stress-free environment.



Scalability, elasticity & flexibility. AWS lets you emphasize, experiment, and innovate quickly through its huge global cloud infrastructure. You can scale up or down depending on the basis of your companies demand. You can also use new apps, rather than wait months for new hardware. You can either scale verticaly or horizontaly, and within this you can either scale up or down.

What is vertical scalability? When you have a server with specefic characteristics and you change to a higher one with more RAM and more processor, etc.

What is horizontal scalability? When a new server is created just like the original one, having a cluster which helps among other things to improve the performance since they share the load or high availability so that a website or server never falls.

Amazon web services (EC2). This solution is a core component of AWS as it allows users to rent virtual computers to run computer applications, as a virtual private server. The benefits include:

Choose the platform of your choice. When you launch an instance in EC2, you get the ability to run the operating system of your choice and you have many to choose from like Microsoft Windows Server. This is a great feature to have for many companies, like if you have used Windows Server for years and have already built applications, databases, and storage units within the Windows Server framework, it means you don´t have to reprogram your IT infrastructure in the cloud to run on a different platform because you can choose the operating system of your choice, migrating to an EC2 instantly, it´s just so much easier!

What can Brintia do? 

Brintia offers only the best of the Azure network, here are some of the opportunities we can provide:

  1. Instant access no matter where you are as it´s around the clock services means you always have the support you need.
  2. The pay as you go service means you only pay for what you need, you´ll never pay a penny more.
  3. Offers the most modern and innovative technologies in the market.

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