Azure keeps on growing every year and there are a lot of facts proving the confidence that clients have in this device. The greatest percentage of customers (up to 70%) represents large companies with more than 50.000 employees. This number perfectly shows the trend in the market and it leads people to get closer to products and services in the cloud.

Although Amazon Web Services dominates the market (47%), the growth of Azure is increasing: in 2017, it reached a share of 11%.

The Smart Cloud’s turnover, which includes products and services such as Windows Server and Azure, grew 11% during the past 2017, reaching $6.8 billion.
But the great highlight, as always, was the entry of Azure, which grew up to 97% in Q4 of 2017. The estimation of Azure didn’t doubled year after year – as it happened in previous quarters – but keeps on growing at a very high speed.

Two quarters ago, Microsoft’s business cloud exceeded an annual execution rate of $10.0 billion. In the last quarter of 2017, the company shared its estimate, reaching $15.2 billion.

However, the forecast for this year is $20 billion; in this Q1 of 2018, we are facing a growth of 90%, which means that it follows properly the latest years growth trends.

Finally, we should underline the advantages of a company that chooses Azure – compared to companies that haven’t decided for it yet:

1. Flexibility

Microsoft’s cloud is flexible; it allows your business to grow little by little, paying only for what is consumed.

2. Security

Microsoft ensures that Azure cloud platform and its data are safe, even if the laptops and computers of a company are lost or stolen.

3. Competitiveness

By using the most updated cloud technology, you are able to build, test and deploy infrastructure and applications faster.

4. Document check

You can generate a central storage that allows you to better manage company documents.

5. Greater collaboration

The employees can access their data safely on any device and work easily with colleagues and other employees from any location.

6. Disaster recovery

It allows you to develop a disaster recovery strategy: thanks to it, you can protect data and applications and guarantee that users and customers will never be offline.

7. Automatic software actualization

By using the Microsoft’s Cloud, your updates are deployed in real time with 100% acceptance.

8. Work from anywhere

The Cloud allows all the members of a company to access documents and shared applications from anywhere.

9. Eco-friendly

The energy consumption of the company can be reduced a lot thanks to the use of the only required server.

10. Cost reduction

Reduction of infrastructure and equipment cost.