Many of us have heard or read about Artificial Intelligence, especially, in this digital era in which we live and after COVID-19.

In today’s post we will make a summary about what Artificial Intelligence is and how the industrial sector is benefiting by applying it in their processes to emulate human intellect.

You will also get to know how it is helping to keep the situation under control after COVID-19.


A technology that emulates human talent

This is the main function of Artificial Intelligence, to perform tasks or solve problems using algorithms and paradigms of human behavior.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that combines algorithms with the purpose of creating machines that have the same capabilities as a human being at an intellectual level.

So, we can define Artificial Intelligence as a technology that combines branches of science such as logic, computation and philosophy capable of creating artificial entities that solve problems or tasks by simulating human intellect.


Applications of Artificial Intelligence within the industrial sector


Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more known and is becoming a fundamental piece in the industrial growth, thanks to the great benefits that are obtained by implementing its use.
Its applications within the industrial sector are very broad and there are currently tools with AI that serve as great support for industrial processes, especially in this post COVID-19 era.

Such is the case of chatbots or virtual assistants for hotels, whose platforms are developed with Artificial Intelligence and allow the guest to be attended by a virtual system as if it were a human.

Keeping a social distance is one of the recommendations we should all follow if we want to avoid any COVID-19 contagion.
And AI-enabled customer care platforms help us maintain these social distances effectively.

They also help us to boost the growth of our companies, because our employees will be able to dedicate more time to other important tasks, having the support of a virtual platform.


Increased performance and control in production lines


It is common to find systems with artificial vision that are like artificial eyes capable of recognizing patterns and working at high speed.

They are capable of detecting imperfections in production lines that a human might be unable to detect.

All this generates an exponential growth in production, also avoiding human contact.

AI technology helps to prevent people from having to get directly involved in manual processes that can be solved by a machine.


Innovation and technology, the best allies against COVID-19


Scientific advances are remarkable and bring us solutions against COVID-19.

A few months ago the World Health Organization stated that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are two key tools to find the best solutions to the Covid-19 problem.

Artificial Intelligence can help us predict which treatments might be most effective for a given patient based on their clinical history.

It can also be useful to measure the behavior of the population and detect as soon as possible those who are infected and those who have been in contact with them, all of this with the aim of reducing the contagion curve.

Likewise, in order to provide assistance to those affected and avoid possible reoccurrences.

The positive economic impact is being notable and important, because new sources of employment are being generated, looking for IT profiles specialized in Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Artificial Intelligence opens doors to a new world of possibilities that respond to major challenges such as the current pandemic.

Implementing technological solutions of this type in the industrial sector brings us closer every day to break the barriers of limitations and possible defects of any system or manual process.

Artificial Intelligence applied to the industrial sector is just the beginning of the imminent growth that brings us more solutions and benefits to combat any problem, not only the COVID-19.


The Green Data Center, a benchmark for Artificial Intelligence in Madrid


“The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has announced last Monday, November 15, the construction of a new data processing center, the ‘Green Data Center’, with the aim of turning the region into a benchmark of “artificial intelligence“, as well as hosting information technology services, blockchain or big data, among others”

We invite you to read the complete article:

Ayuso announces the construction of a ‘Green Data Center’ to become a benchmark of “artificial intelligence” (

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