The Evolution of Technology in the Hospitality Industry 

Industries have been changing a lot in the last decade and travellers have now transformed into smart shoppers. Latest technologies and the internet as a whole have opened a new door for several new areas and customers. One of the sectors that has been impacted massively by this is hospitality. Smartphones, the internet and social media technology have put the customer in the middle of everything and has put the power in their hands, which has changed a number of offered processes and services. In the past few years we have been increasingly speaking about how the customer centric approach is the most important driving focus for all companies and hotel guests certainly want technology; data firm Zebra Technologies published a study that found that 68% of guests want to speed up the check-in process using their smartphones.

A 2017 report by Hospitality Technology reported that 57% of hotels planned on spending more on technology.

So, Why is AI So Important for Your Hotel?

All this has resulted in the need for hotels and other industries in the hospitality sector to focus their digital efforts and digital transformation strategies on the customer at hand. The hotel industry now needs to focus its strategy on how and what the current user needs to be able to feel and have more comfortable stays and experiences. Companies also need to be aware that guests are always being encouraged to share their experiences online. Whether this is through social media or other websites like Yelp or Trip Advisor. Companies reputation now depends on it. Before customers book an online experience, they will often search and rely on other users past experiences to decide on competition.

Whether it´s sharing on Facebook, tweeting on twitter or participating on polls on Instagram, users are in control of your companies brand reputation whether you like it or not.


How Can We Use AI to Provide an Optimized User Experience?

Artificial intelligence has played and continous to play an important role in this wave of change. Thanks to the integration of these technologies, the hotel sector has managed to connect to its users on another level, understand them and reach their needs to know exactly what to offer.


The Power of Virtual Assistants

The implementation of smart and virtual assistants for both customer service and user experience allows this industry to provide a more personalized and innovative experience that meets the demands of its customers. Before the growth of this cutting-edge technology this was near impossible due to lack of personnel and the inability to understand the customers demands in such a thorough way.

It can also help automate reservations, which means a significant reduction in work for call centers as well the optimization of customer quieries, providing a 24/7, around the clock service for customers whenever they need. In addition, with the implementation of search engine solutions you can offer the user exactly what they need based on their preferences.

All this represents an important opportunity for marketing actions and marketing as a whole.

The most intriguing part is how these smart assistants manage to bring the end user closer to the hotel and make their experience as pleasant as possible. The idea of smart assistants inside hotel rooms allow their clients to connect their world (e.g. mail, calendar, social media, preferences) to their experience, which facilitates their stay. Make a hotel a home.


Making Big Data Easier to Manage

Discover as much information as your customers as possible, and offer the most personalized experience possible. Identify them, meet their needs and categorize according to their potential for profitability. Who is your target audience?

For the sector overall, this represents a great opportunity to understand the individual behind the buyer and collect important data and information to implement the right marketing actions or machine learning services to make the adequate predictions.

Brintia continuous to implement and develop new, innovative technologies in the hospitality sector. Check out our website and stay tuned for the exciting new projects to come.