Developing a mobile strategy is of the upmost importance for any kind of business, no matter how big or small. The exponential rise of mobile users is forever on the rise, and companies must prepare themselves for the future. Xamarin offers an all in one solution for mobile developers, with this tool you can create, monitor and test native mobile apps across all platforms. This app development platform provides you with the necessarry tools to create well-executed apps and a mobile-friendly website, with a quick turn-around time. In Brintia, we have previously spoken about what Xamarin is and how it works so lets get straight to it, here are 6 reasons why Xamarin is the best choice for your company:

  1. Shared code. Xamarin uses C# with .NET framework to create apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Therefore, you can reuse up to 96% of the source code which allows for faster development. Due to this shared code base, you can save a lot of time and effort. You don´t have to change environments to develop and everything is integrated meaning a faster app development environment.
  2. Native UI look and feel. Xamarin allows for coding in C# which results in a more native look and feel of the app, providing access to device-specific services and functions. Xamarins cross-platform development environment prevents each platform looking identical to each other, ensuring that an Android user, for example, doesn´t feel as though they are using an iOS app on their device. Coding in C# offers a handful of benefits including flexibility and an easyness to learn.
  3. Fewer bugs. Using Xamarin means writing with less code which results in fewer numbers of bugs and errors. In addition, Xamarin also offers great testing options to test apps directly in the cloud and on multiple devices. You don´t have to write a test for each seperate platform, you can approve code for each platform with one set of tests which saves time and improves efficiency.
  4. API integration. With Xamarin, you can combine the same API´s and UI controls that are used for developing iOS and Android in their platform-specific programming languages. It facilitates support for new features after being introduced into a devices OS.
  5. Cost-effective. You don´t have to invest in development infrastructures for each platform, as you can hire one team of Xamarin developers who will create a single code for you to deploy across various platforms for a flawless user experience.
  6. Testing. The Xamarin framework supports app testing which means mobile developers can discover and track the bugs that may appear. This reduces troubleshooting time and makes developers lives easier.

Xamarin mobile development offers modern day businesses many advantages. It allows them to accelerate their business processes and development at an affordable cost. It offers a native-app like feel and a flawless user experience, all using a single code that can be applied across various different platforms. This will ultimately save you time, money and resources and drive your business to success!

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Written by: Brintias Team