Ten years ago we would never have imagined being able to book hotels, compare prices and buy plane tickets at the touch of our phone screen, but here we are. 5G is the latest offering from the IOT world and marks the start of a new digital era, the door to a smarter more connected world where everything is intelligent. The scale of this new network and the mass of data that it entails means that current data analytics capacities need to evolve. To really take advantage of 5G we must invest in the use of AI.

5Gs connection speed will achieve over 10 Gbps, between 100 and 1000 times faster than now. A sensor will connect literally every physical object in the world, with all devices data being safely stored in the cloud. This increased bandwidth means there’ll be no more fighting over limited data in highly populated places like airports, there will be unlimited data for everyone. This will power innovations in AI and give it the boost it needs to unlock its full potential. With 5G and AI working together, the network will offer AI services improved productivity and speed and enable us to solve problems we were unable to in the past. It will undoubtedly change life as we know it.

Mobile devices remain an essential part of our daily lives, but with the introduction of 5G their importance will only grow. With the use of 5G, users will expect faster and more efficient interactions with your services on their smartphones. If the page doesn’t load properly or the site is slow they won’t come back. This increase of connected users and heavier internet traffic will mean more security issues. The importance of keeping data safe will increase and software and hardware engineers will have twice the work to prevent security threats from happening.

Think drones, robots and connected cars and fridges. AI has provided us with game changing innovations, which has left us hungry for even more powerful and engaging devices. 5G will meet these expectations and respond faster to our human needs. Through the combination of 5G and AI the use of smart technology in industries like health care and education will provide doctors and educators with cheaper and faster portable devices. Hospital patients, for example, will have access to better health care and doctors will have more access to patient data.

AI enables digital devices to do incredible things, the way voice activated assistants understand and respond to our emotions and facial expressions remains revolutionary. However, challenges still remain, and misinterpretations have left cracks in developments. An AI and 5G alliance creates teachable technology, through new machine learning algorithms devices will better understand their environment, learn to distinguish between different voices and accents and only take commands from certain people. They will better understand the context of our interactions and provide us with more efficient solutions. They will learn over time from wrong answers and grow stronger and more intelligent.

Imagine streaming a film in HD at lightning speed while travelling on the train? Imagine linking your smartphone to your fridge or your front door? It seems like something out of a movie, I know. But this is becoming reality and it’s all thanks to the 5th generation of mobile connectivity. You’re about to live in a world where not only will everyone be connected but everything will be connected.


Written by: Brintias team